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  1. UPDATE A new clip of her dancing in front of the blue screen has leaked ! Just posted in the first post of this thread ! It's heaven on earth !!!!
  2. This is fucking creepy and i really mean it. Thanks god he has blocked me.
  3. This is not even one of the worse. They are tons of pictures, including paparazzi pics where they litterally took 30 years off her. They remove all the fat/fillers of her face, give her new sharp jawline, change the color of her eyes, make thel bigger end so on... on every single pic. I remember one papparazzi shot they posted,i was like "her face is now really on point" theni saw the real pic a few minutes later in another insta and i was in a shock. In comparison shes looked way older and you could see all they photoshopped. It's like that insta doesn't want to see M for what she really looks like but live in a fantasy bubble where they make her looks like how they wanna believe she looks like. Very unealthy if you ask me...
  4. TonyMontana

    Who's that girl ?
  5. That account has blocked me a few months ago because i told them this wasn't healthy the need they have to photoshop her face to death on every single pic, even paparazzi pics. And now M is reposting their stuff
  6. This or she came across and reposted that montage that shows a heavily edited pic of her from last year to show everyone that she hasn't aged a bit in 10 years and is now thinking her facial procedures works wonder and will do even more.
  7. TonyMontana

    Here we go again... hope this year it's true.
  8. Funny i thought i was the only one too !
  9. TonyMontana

    Ok so seems like it's Mert who's doing the album shoot. I really hope they make something iconic.
  10. TonyMontana

    That would make an amazing album cover.
  11. OMG i don't know if i could handle it. "Beautiful stranger" is my absolute fav everything, fav song, fav video, fav look... it's M at her best for me.
  12. I wasn't sure it deserved its own thread but after seeing some threads titles around here i thought hell yeah ! (Kidding) and since we had no goodies for Christmas... The infamous tagpolice insta page has just shared two "Ray of light" video club dancing scene b-rolls clips. My my my this is everything ! It's like a new performance/video and damn, she's beyond gorgeous at every levels... i could talk about it all day long... here you are ;- ) : + UPDATE A new clip has leaked from her in front of the blue screen and it's heaven !!!! Third clip posted under !
  13. TonyMontana

    Yes but not for the big premiere.
  14. TonyMontana

    Lol that made me laugh 😂😂😂imagine Madonna premieres her new single there 😂😂😂