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  1. TonyMontana

    Just came across a slow motion clip of the blond wig video. It's amazing, she's so beautiful, and i didn't noticed on the fast video but she's dancing ! It's like a short new music video !
  2. TonyMontana

    Beautiful stranger & American pie
  3. TonyMontana

    I have a very good feeling this time. I know some of her musical choices have been questionnable these last years but this new era is gonna be amazing musically wise i am certain. She put so much of herself for more than a full year into this project and even now that the album is a done she keeps on putting so much energy in the videos it must be something worth it. I've haven't been that confident since COADF. Even for Rebel heart i wasn't totally confident (Mozella, Natalia kills, bla bla bla was nice but not enough to guarantee a masterpiece). I feel it down in my guts that the new masterpiece of her career is coming in a couple of months.
  4. TonyMontana

    I don't believe for a single second she would do a two days video shoot, working 17 hours a day, renting a eighteen century palace, bringing a horse on location, invest herself so much for a simple and silly reggaetton song. I do think she will surprise everyone by bringing Maluma out of his comfort zone. Will the track have a latin feel ?! Sure i think so but not a basic reggaeton track, i don't buy it at all this time.
  5. TonyMontana

    This is fierce ! I love it. At the same time maybe this time i'd like something sweet, inspired by nature, the world...
  6. TonyMontana

    From Babygeorge member from Mtribe : Apparently Madonna wanted to put a horse in a palace on her video, but she wasn't allowed to: ... o-permitiu The article is in portuguese...and using Google translator we get :
  7. TonyMontana

    No i was kidding. But i love "Innocence lost" !
  8. TonyMontana

    She read my topic from last week 😉
  9. TonyMontana

    Nice surprise ! And i love the new artwork ! It's gorgeous !
  10. TonyMontana

    Alriiiiiight ! Thanx girl ! 😉😎
  11. TonyMontana

    I don't know about you guys, and i really mean it, this is the most exciting Madonna album making process since a long time. Mirwais, no leaks at all, different hair (brunette, blond...), several music videos being filmed and all on locations, no studio/white wall videos), one of them very likely inspired by paintings, another one more disco oriented with drags and a strong message, more than one years where M is totally focused on it (no sides projects while making it)... Honestly would have never believed she would do something like this again. I was one who bemieved her heart was now i to making movies but once again she proves me wrong. She is delievering a huge piece of work and art, working 17 hours a day on the video set (see her lastest insta story) at 60, after 37 years of an amazing career, i'm speechless... who else, i mean who else have done this ?! We're lucky to be alive at the same time than the last and greatest female music icon of history. What a journey it is to her fan, i'm glad i've bought my ticket when i was 9yo in 1991 and never left the trip, it's so damn worth it ! No one will ever come close to her. She has all my respect for ever. What a woman !
  12. TonyMontana

    4th ? Hmm i have missed one. I think the one she will shot today and tomorrow is the one with Maluma as he is in Lisbon but what is the 3rd one? The two i can think of are 1- the blood moon / dark hair in Portugal one (even if i've always felt it wasn't a music video) 2-the Disco /blond/we need to wake up/theatre one 3- ???
  13. Warning signs. It even became a kind of signature for me, i'm like the most known fan related to wanting Warning signs on every fan forum for more than 12 years ! "Preston" (my old nickname) = Warning signs ! I also want "Desperatly seeking Susan" (the song)
  14. TonyMontana

    Guys i think you are right. The apple, the wig etc... seems more and more obvious that it is snow white related.
  15. TonyMontana

    Could het latest insta post with the apple be a hint for something related to Apple (the brand) ?!