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  1. Daniel A.A

    I thought I would not like it at all, but I must admit that I'm loving it, especially these songs Lost Without You Sincerely Yours Raining Glitter Shelby '68 Low Blow
  2. Daniel A.A

    ¡¡¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @@master468
  3. Daniel A.A

    Beautiful song, I was not expecting this.
  4. Daniel A.A

    Amazing! Thank you so much!
  5. Daniel A.A

    No friend these are recent charges, if you look at the channel MADONNAVEVO is none of the old videos
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  7. Daniel A.A

    Happy Birthday!!!
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    Happy Birthday!!! @@Stevo
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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday!!! @@CicconeUK
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    Happy B'day!!!!
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    Happy Birthday!!! @@groovyguy
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    Yes!!! the 1989 one is awesome quality I leave it here for you to check @@OceanBlue [Hidden Content]