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  1. LikeAMelody

    I was shaken as a fan when Madonna pulled that video but she is not one person anymore. You are right that she is not the Madonna of the 80s and early 90s but not because she has lost her nerve or lacks an opinion.
  2. LikeAMelody

    I want her to speak up about what is going on in U.S. Someone who knows how to shake things up needs to. Right now I am at the point where I think the entire GOP needs to be round up and put in jail. I have had enough of this farce. This is no time to be subtle.
  3. LikeAMelody

    At the time American Life came out even Americans most open to hearing criticism of the United States couldn't even begin to deal with a critique. The country was in shock and defensive and probaly could not process why someone would want to be critical. Most of those people have come around and realize America's role in the state of the world. Others remained in thier defensive mode or became completely intolerant of any criticism which is why we have what we have today. Also, Madonna choosing to live outside of the country could have contributed to the lukewarm reception. I am not saying this is fact but i wonder if American Life had come out later, would it have been more successful or people more open to the message? Americans in my opinion also tend to run with things without questioning them and if people stated Madonna's album is "this" they just go with it. Madonna pulling her video for American Life shook me. It was a really strange time. I totally agree with you. I think how you view art does say a lot about you. Two people can experience a song or a video and one can think nothing is being said and the other can think one or both are profound.
  4. LikeAMelody

    I want to like it because I love the album but I don't get it. I don't get the cow girl theme or the car in the back or the logo of the cow boy riding the bull...excuse me, the horse. I mean I get that's the theme she seemed to be inspired by but why? The album cover could be amazing and some of us just might not know why. Lol. What fascinates me most about this cover is the car. First I thought she was at a drive in then it looks just like a driveway. The car looks like it's from the early sixties. I love the blue on her and think she looks amazing but does she look sad? I don't know. Even the most iconic album covers in music never really impressed me. My favorites always just show the artists. Maybe if a poem was printed on the album cover to reflect what is going on. Like I said I don't know, albums covers are just wrapping paper to me. I do have opinions and I can get into a discussion about them because I want to be as interested in them as others are. I could be missing out. What do you like about the Music album cover?
  5. LikeAMelody

    I feel like I'm really showing my age when the time comes where I really don't get what is going on in the music scene. I am not bothered by the "dance" moves in these videos, I am just so b o r e d with these moves and the quick camera shots. It's just boring and gives me a headache. I don't watch TV anymore but when someone else has one of those entertainment shows on they do the same damn thing with the quick camera shots. It makes me dizzy and I never really find out anything interesting. I do not understand what is being said in this video so I can not comment on the lyrics but the music is just, I don't know, I heard it before.... and doesn't really go anywhere. I have seen a "bit" of what I'm talking about in Madonna's work in the last ten years especially the tour videos but she is still delivering substance in her work. The things that annoy me in music now still are not dominating Madonna's work but she has shown more of an interest it seems in the physical kinda overshadowing thought and emotion. I am not offended by the attention to the physical just bored by the constant bombardment of it. I wonder if Madonna might be a tad bitter about relationships or finding her way through the world or pondering life. Maybe she should make an album about motherhood as that might be a more uplifting subject for her. It's late, I'm tired, I just don't want to be bored with Madonna's new album. I used to love what she would put on the table in her music. I feel as if she has strayed away from making any kind of a statement about things that affect all of us, not just her.
  6. LikeAMelody

    I had both albums when I was a teenager. I never made this connection because it just doesn't have the same feel or look to it.
  7. LikeAMelody

    Less is more with Madonna. The first album is my current favorite. This photoshoot is spot on. It's says everything that needs to be said. These are my top three though. Just her and the ambiance of her album.
  8. LikeAMelody

    The video is amazing. It's powerful and beautiful. Like many other times, I spent this time wondering what the controversy was about. Through Madonna's career it wasn't like as a fan I was "in on it." I was genuinely confused by people and thier over the top reactions to anything she said or did. I naively thought they are just completely ignoring the story and if they really watched the video they would see that it's message is good. It never occurred to me that they do see it and might not like the message. "I think," like Madonna?" I tend to live in my own world where everything is as it should be. It seems that an over the top reaction could mean that a nerve has been hit. I think a lot of Madonna's work is about facing things. Facing things about yourself, other people, reality....and she's rarely subtle. Anyone who remembers Madonna around this time period knows she was anything but subtle. Bringing things up that is not being talked about "or faced" often makes people uncomfortable. So instead of facing things, they dismissed her meaning and tried thier best to dismiss her. I think she is still hitting nerves today, including her own. I will always love her for her search for the truth. Like A Prayer is a search for and finding the truth. ❤
  9. LikeAMelody

    @Drum DubLa Isla Bonita?
  10. LikeAMelody

    1. Bedtime Story 2. Sanctuary 3. Secret 4. Take A Bow 5. Don't Stop 6. Human Nature 7. I'd Rather be your lover 8. Survival 9. Love tried to welcome me 10. Forbidden Love 11. Inside of me
  11. LikeAMelody

    1. Love Spent 2. Falling Free 3. Masterpiece 4. I'm A Sinner 5. Give Me All Your Luvin 6. Some Girls 7. I'm Addicted 8. I Don't Give A 9. Gang Bang 10 Superstar 11. Turn Up The Radio 12. Girl Gone Wild I do not dislike any song on here. I don't know what's missing for me in Turn Up The Radio...There is no reason just looking at it for me not to like it a lot. It's an escapists song which generally do not rank the high on my lists of favorites but I enjoy thier optimism. I don't know. 1-4 I can listen to anytime. 5-8 I love when I am in the right mood to hear them which happens frequently but not all the time. 9-12 I really have to be in the mood to hear them and in that moment I love them.
  12. LikeAMelody

    The unbelievable push to pretend that forsakes acknowledging any harm done to anyone. The vunerable used to be protected. Madonna stood up to powerful misogynistic people in the music industry, not the vunerable. So those powerful people have been pushing back and even have support in doing so. This scenario is also being played out in U.S. I feel powerless. It's just what I see and feel. I apologize for going off topic but maybe Madonna will address this theme in her new album? She always seems to address things that matter a lot to me and where I have felt vunerable. @BelUnderstood.
  13. LikeAMelody

    Feeling extremely sad.
  14. LikeAMelody

    I find this highly offensive.