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  1. LikeAMelody

    Madonna has thanked her fans numerous times. She even thanked them at the Olympia. Are you talking about thanking people or kissing people's ass? Two very different things.
  2. LikeAMelody

    Well I am not easily convinced of the tale she puts out on her instagram posts or any other fly by night posts on social media. They are not that deep and I think Madonna knows that. I do have to take exception though...she does raise her children with the "help" of nannies. There are two parent households out there that have nannies to help them. I think Madonna has given quite a few interesting interviews with well thought out answers. We agree that there is autobiography in her music.
  3. LikeAMelody

    @Bitch I'm MadonnaCausing A Commotion?
  4. LOL See now there! I love it when she posts quotes like this. Not my choice of words but the feeling and meaning behind it I can completely relate to.
  5. LikeAMelody

    A real in depth autobiography about her true thoughts and feelings? I am there. Regarding her mystique. Most her instagram posts are of birthdays, sports, having fun...hints if her new music... From her instagram I do not know anymore of "Madonna" than I knew before. She hasn't revealed anymore of herself than she has in the past. As far as what she shows of her self on instagram, do we really think she just sits around all day putting filters on her selfies? I think her days are more interesting than that. I think her music is where we get a glimpse into who she is which is why all the things people pay attention to, rarely interests me. She posts quotes that I like and the words and art of other people but I don't think she has really revealed herself on her instagram. I get what people are saying about her mystique because I thought that was one of the reasons The Drowned World tour was so special. She's too guarded. If Madonna wrote a real in depth autobiography about her true thoughts and feelings she would indeed shock me for the very first time.
  6. LikeAMelody

    @AspergerArtistCherish and Angel?
  7. LikeAMelody

    @Joan of MarcDress You Up?
  8. LikeAMelody

    If she is I will definately make the trek. Was casually thinking of going if they were going to do this.
  9. LikeAMelody

    1. She takes chances, she puts herself in a position to be criticised by saying what she wants to say, doing what she wants to do... no matter how she is perceived. Very few people are brave enough to really share thier thoughts, how they feel, how they truly want to express themselves without the fear of criticism or seeming uncool. In this way she really is my hero. 2. She wants to be loved and she is not afraid to show it. This kinda falls under taking chances again but she is on a constant search to be loved unconditionally. 3. She has a tremendous appreciation for the human experience and art. We are all connected and we are all affected by one another. She is inquisitive and is open to learning through experience and art. 4. I always knew she would be a good mother. There is something very nuturing about her especially in her voice and she values education and hard work as well as encouraging individuality. 5. She talks about things in her songs that I want to talk about, hear about, discuss. She sings things I want to say. She sings things I want people to hear. There are so many things brought up in her discography that I don't think would have ever been brought up had she not come along. Her music, her art is everything.
  10. LikeAMelody

    It can't debut soon enough.
  11. LikeAMelody

    This is tough...I am still not sure. Let it Will be has all the elements of what I individually like about other songs.
  12. LikeAMelody

    If you put your pinkie finger over the lower right of the screen, it's like it's not even there.
  13. LikeAMelody

    An amazing quality about Madonna is that whatever is handed to her she perserveres. She never gives up. Most would have run away or live quietly out of the spotlight which is fine if that is what makes them happy. That should be one's on own choice and not decided for them in regards to conservative minded Pop fans who give people a hard time. I don't believe the younger generation hates Madonna. In more ways than one, I believe culturally right now, the most obnoxious personalities are leading the way. Others possibly out of pressure are easily led or are fearful of having an opinion that doesn't compute with the loudest. So I believe this "younger generation," they speak of just happen to be most vocal and assertive. A lot of these people have been raised on the train wrecks that are reality shows and thier constant competition and attacking each other. Art has been kicked to the curb. That's just an observation that I could write a whole piece on. Getting back to "the younger generation," I do believe their are some traits that generations share because of common experiences but all people have thier individual minds so I do not believe in the broad statement that "the younger generation hates Madonna." I think a lot just don't know her music because Madonna doesn't rely on "playing the hits," so she has always been a "current artist." "A lot" of her current music is self related meaning her very own experiences that few of us have. This I believe is especially in MDNA and her strength was always taking personal experiences and making them relatable to the listener. (I can actually relate to a few songs on MDNA but I'm not sure most can?) The younger generation will always be "new listeners" and if the first thing or all that they are hearing from an artist is "release songs" from what is getting to that artist about thier current life then it's not attractive and it's definitely not relatable. I think she has always had those "release" type songs on albums like Over and Over, Where's the Party, Words, Don't Tell Me....Great, great songs but it seems that overall feeling was becoming more bitter and starting to saturate her work. With the possible exception of Erotica, (although Rain is optimistic and soothing) she has always had a bit of joy on her albums as well as sad, funny, empowering... I just think she is allowing too much negativity in her music but I think she is fighting her way out of that. Rebel Heart definitely showed that. I think if younger people knew her music and her from the beginning they would "get" some of those new songs. So in thier defense, it's difficult I think for them to relate. I think a more universal tone to her music will appeal to a younger generation. "Everybody" ....I mean you can't get anymore universal than that. Madonna's no quitting attitude will also win over critics. She doesn't give up and and is passionate about her art and "the younger generation will start to see that."
  14. LikeAMelody

    I would love if she did a cover of this on the new album. It's my favorite Elvis song and I think the song suits her very well. A more mystical version perhaps?
  15. Oh I want to hear more! Just the short clip. She looks adorable!