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  1. rebelheart93

    MDNA SKIN MIXTAPE a mixture of creams and dildos...#rollinglikeaqueen
  2. rebelheart93

    she seems Cicciolina XD
  3. rebelheart93

    Everybody was only performed one time in the MDNA tour
  4. rebelheart93

    Ah ok...I saw now her story and the tag 😂
  5. rebelheart93

    It’s really her???
  6. I can't believe's her birthday and she gave us a present....I LOVE U <3

  7. I can't believe that they used such bad vocals for La Vie en Rose....there are plenty of very good performances and they used one of the worst -.-

  8. rebelheart93

    I didn’t say spend money for me I thought It was free I didn’t know You need money for phonicmind and no You can’t find it online thank u.
  9. rebelheart93

    OMG before kylie appears on stage she sang the chorus in acapella
  10. rebelheart93

    min. 3:00
  11. rebelheart93

    I just need the official album acapella I need It for the Intro of the tour
  12. rebelheart93

    No there isn’t any official acapella he did a lot of songs with phonicmind
  13. rebelheart93

    @Steffmad please can you try with the song aphrodite??? I need It for my les folies tour :P thank u in advance