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  1. rebelheart93

    Madonna I love You but dildos are not exactly for the face...
  2. rebelheart93

    Tired of sexydonna...always the same things big yes for something fresh and new
  3. rebelheart93

    Well shoo be doo jimmi jimmy Santa baby don’t stop incredible SUPERSTAR (Great SONG) beautiful Scars 😎
  4. rebelheart93 too 😂
  5. rebelheart93

    Maybe a dream??
  6. rebelheart93

    Because this video is from the sstour with a fan made remix
  7. rebelheart93

    super fake...and horrible masterpiece at the early stage was rehearsed after open your heart/or human nature, same for falling free and the last section was only nobody knows me ---> celebration. in mid april rehearsals - masterpiece officialy after OYH; 3rd section ended with HN and falling free was put after nobody knows me followed by celebration at the end of april they added like a virgin and addicted/sinner/prayer/celebration. falling free official OUT of the setlist. and also there is an early demo test for an impressive instant/addicted mash up and two early demo test for ray of light. AND SURPRISE.....a little bit of PHYSICAL ATTRACTION WAS PUT AT THE END OF VOGUE (another demo test). SOME GIRLS/ superstar never rehearsed
  8. rebelheart93

    Amazing anyway....anyone noticed the sample that M and Monte used at the end of I'm so Stupid??? It's I wanna be your dog Monte is a genius <3
  9. rebelheart93

    Or just wasting time
  10. rebelheart93

    she will premiere the new single with anitta she has a new butt for this event
  11. someone please can recreate this mash up???? It's really beautiful :O



    1. rescueme


      I love this too :dance:

    2. Frank


      It's amazing indeed!! Love their little choreos and the songs work so beautifully together!!!! Really talented these girls!!!.

    3. professormouse


      I like their voices on this.
      Is there a studio version ?

  12. rebelheart93

    because I don't five a f. if she is rich or poor or the highest female artist I'm more interested in good quality music
  13. rebelheart93

    Oh my god disagio everywhere....
  14. rebelheart93

    I don’t think she was bullied... she was an anger milf in 2012 this is why we had that childish medley
  15. rebelheart93

    Yes the ey medley such a bad and childish move just to be a bitch at 54. One of her worst career choice