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  1. I can't believe that they used such bad vocals for La Vie en Rose....there are plenty of very good performances and they used one of the worst -.-

  2. No thanks to you ❤️
  3. Because this Remix is horrible nothing to Do with the live version..yes It was inspired by This Remix. But for Me the Remix is really horrible. I used the KMO version because it’s a great “rock” version
  4. On holiday, between friends and sea, I was inspired by this is my recreation of the tour. The folder contains all the unmixed songs, mixed acts and the whole show mixed together in one file Hope you like it Setlist: Aphrodite (contains elements from “The Carnival of the Animals”) The One Wow (elements from Death Metal Disco Scene Mix) Illusion I Believe in You In Your Eyes Cupid Boy Spinning Around Get Outta My Way What Do I Have to Do? Everything is Beautiful Slow (elements from Chemical Brothers Remix) Confide in Me (elements from Big Brothers Mix) Can’t Get You Out of My Head In My Arms 2 Hearts (Kish Mauve Remix) Looking for an Angel Closer Love at First Sight (elements from “Can’t Beat the Feeling”) If You Don’t Love Me Better the Devil You Know (contains elements from “Fanfarra (Despedida)”) Better than Today I Should Be so Lucky Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) On a Night Like This (contains elements of “Million Dollar Mermaid” and “Heaven”) All the Lovers A big thank u to @hawkings24@Dazedmadonna @frozen78and of course Matias Segnini [Hidden Content]
  5. rebelheart93

    I didn’t say spend money for me I thought It was free I didn’t know You need money for phonicmind and no You can’t find it online thank u.
  6. rebelheart93

    OMG before kylie appears on stage she sang the chorus in acapella
  7. rebelheart93

    min. 3:00
  8. someone has this remix please???
  9. rebelheart93

    I just need the official album acapella I need It for the Intro of the tour
  10. rebelheart93

    No there isn’t any official acapella he did a lot of songs with phonicmind
  11. rebelheart93

    @Steffmad please can you try with the song aphrodite??? I need It for my les folies tour :P thank u in advance
  12. The One - Live Les Folies...

    ...someone knows the sample that she uses at the very beginning???

    1. RUADJAI


      If its a sample Ive never heard it before. But it's a basic arpeggiated chord. 

    2. rebelheart93


      I need someone that can play the harp XD

    3. RUADJAI


      those dancers look like they're good at it :Madonna020: