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  1. Bedtime Stories - Shep Pettibone sessions
  2. You Thrill Me

    Love them both so much, but I would go with Material Girl.
  3. You Thrill Me

  4. You Thrill Me

    I have that CD. Unfortunately, it's the regular 3:45 version.
  5. You Thrill Me

    Candy Shop vs Girl Gone Wild 4 Minutes vs Gang Bang Give It 2 Me vs I'm Addicted Heartbeat vs Turn Up the Radio Miles Away vs Give Me All Your Luvin' She's Not Me vs Some Girls Incredible vs Superstar Beat Goes On vs I Don't Give A Dance 2night vs I'm a Sinner Spanish Lesson vs Love Spent Devil Wouldn't Recognize You vs Masterpiece Voices vs Falling Free
  6. You Thrill Me

    75/75 with 10:25 left.
  7. You Thrill Me

    01. Like A Prayer 02. Erotica 03. Music 04. Ray Of Light 05. Rebel Heart 06. True Blue 07. American Life 08. Confessions On A Dance Floor 09. Bedtime Stories 10. Madonna 11. Hard Candy 11. Like A Virgin 13. MDNA
  8. Isn't there supposedly a dance version of X-static Process called The Process? I'd love to hear it someday!
  9. You Thrill Me

    Madonna - Lucky Star / Burning Up / Borderline Like A Virgin - Dress You Up / Stay / Like A Virgin True Blue - Live To Tell / Open Your Heart / La Isla Bonita Like A Prayer - Like A Prayer / Oh Father / Express Yourself I'm Breathless - Vogue / Hanky Panky / Sooner Or Later Erotica - Erotica / Deeper And Deeper / Bad Girl Bedtime Stories - Bedtime Story / Secret / Take A Bow Ray Of LIght - Frozen / Drowned World / Ray Of Light Music - Impressive Instant / Music / Don't Tell Me American Life - Intervention / Nobody Knows Me / Nothing Fails Confessions - Hung Up / Get Together / Let It Will Be Hard Candy - Give It 2 Me / She's Not Me / Beat Goes On MDNA - I'm Addicted / Love Spent / Beautiful Killer Rebel Heart - Devil Pray / Ghosttown / Joan Of Arc
  10. You Thrill Me

    Yeah, I wish it was in better quality. I found it on Soundcloud a year or two ago.
  11. You Thrill Me

    I have one called "Final Master Mix" that is 3:45. Does anyone know if it's real?
  12. You Thrill Me

  13. You Thrill Me

  14. You Thrill Me

  15. You Thrill Me

    I'd be happy with an unreleased songs album and a couple new songs. I hope we finally get "WOMAN" after all these years.