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  1. deathproof

    U2 performed with Kendrick Lamar, who was nominated that year, which is why U2 could perform. Madonna performed with Macklmore in 2014, which is why she performed in 2015. Again, you perform one year, you’re eligible to perform the following year.
  2. deathproof

    She wasn’t. She was eligible to perform because she performed with Macklemore the year before.
  3. deathproof

    She CANT perform at the Grammys unless she’s nominated, has performed the year before, or is doing a performance with another musician that is nominated (ex Gorillaz 2006, hot rapper guy 2014). I have no idea who is nominated or performing this year, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that none of them are doing something that could be attached to Madonna.
  4. deathproof

    And we’re sure that’s real?
  5. deathproof

    You should ask the fans that attended this recording. They edited her to make her come off as a diva. The real exchange between M and the doll makers looked nothing like this.
  6. deathproof

    Not all digital is lossless. Digital does not come with art. Digital does not have a visual companion. There is no listening experience when clicking on the play button on a phone or computer. Digital is not superior to analog.
  7. deathproof

    She made posts like this during the recording and release of Rebel Heart...
  8. deathproof

    Thefirst single must be disco sounding
  9. deathproof

    We’re still missing the DJ Dahi and Michael Diamond versions of songs, such as Trust No Bitch and SEX
  10. deathproof

    But she has Is This Love > Voices Miss You > Like It or Not Broken > Miles Away Its So Cool Hollywood Intervention She always recycles
  11. deathproof

    Is it confirmed she’s going?
  12. deathproof

    Incorrect. The demos of Inside Out, Rebel Heart, and Wash were the only ones that mattered.
  13. deathproof

    Can you post that LAP screen cap plz??