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  1. deathproof

    Nothing has made sense during the production of this album lol
  2. deathproof

    Happy Bottom Boy
  3. deathproof

    It was probably segue footage for the visual album
  4. deathproof

    1) blood moon portigal 2) LA drag 3) Maluma Portugal rumored: 4) India shoot next month 5) Morocco birthday video
  5. deathproof

    I know that. But people are thinking a release is coming on the 25th, which doesn’t seem very likely
  6. deathproof

    What is the Apple rumor? The only thing I can see happening on the 25th is an announcement, not a release. The 25th is a Monday, not a Friday
  7. deathproof

    So we’re just going to ignore the Apple conference on the 25th?
  8. deathproof

    I disagree. Gay is a feeling. Not a genre.
  9. deathproof

    Show and Tell is mentioned in that interview, so...
  10. deathproof

    I wish all gay men took care of their appearance! lol
  11. deathproof

    Please don’t mess with me lol. Do you live in NYC too?
  12. deathproof

    Everyone else except Madonna has done it. It’s time.
  13. deathproof

    I saw. Was just curious what member said it. The possibility of her performing looks very strong, then again I purchased tickets, so I’d be dissapointed if it wasn’t her performing.
  14. deathproof

    Who said pride isn’t happening?
  15. deathproof

    Isn’t Isamayfrench just a makeup artist?