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  1. deathproof

    He sued for never being paid for pre-production work (attending concerts, testing and figuring out camera angles, etc...). I don't think he had any involvement in filming of the show though.
  2. deathproof

    They were a dance troupe dancing to Champagne Rose. She reposted.
  3. deathproof

    Those arn't her dancers though
  4. deathproof

    Weren't there notifications posted before the Lisbon show at the venue stating that the show was professionally filmed? Weren't there cranes involved? They also used part of the footage during IGTTYAS. It WAS pro shot.
  5. deathproof

    Exactly. If she were to have gotten any work done on her ass, then she would be showing it off! She doesn't. The last time she put her ass on display was the MDNA tour. You are too, you keep going at it. If you want to be the bigger person, then just stop replying! The post makes no mention of that.
  6. deathproof

    If theres no other news regarding the album to talk about, then why should there be complaints if members happen to go off topic???
  7. deathproof

    what makes you think they are implants?
  8. deathproof

    Double/quits? huh?
  9. Wow. Really? You're just going to ignore Something to Remember when it comes to "personal reflections on life and love?"
  10. deathproof

    But Give it 2 Me is a classic Madonna song.
  11. deathproof

    More specifically what’s been professionally shot and released/leaked. And note what’s only been shot by fans
  12. deathproof

    She's not going to give herself the 1993 Ellen haircut or dye her hair red or jet black. Fans need to move on from this idea. Even if she were to cut her down to her shoulders, fans would still complain lol.
  13. Her marketing team use to count it as an album during the 90's (i'm looking at a Bedtime Stories press release where they state BS as her 7th studio album). M has been in the game for over 30 years, but hasn't released as many albums as other artists that have started around the same time, or less (U2, Depeche Mode, Prince, REM, Mariah, Snoop Dogg, ). So I don't think it's fair at this point in her career to ignore I'm Breathless as if it's not good enough to sit with all her other albums. We as fans should consider it, as a talented musician that she's always been. And give it the recognition it's been missing for several decades.
  14. deathproof

    This. I find the album version is be amazing, and in my top 10 of all time fav M songs.