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  1. Eyzonme

    2 July will be a solar eclipse.
  2. Eyzonme

    Guys she already released the album it was the mixtape which ended up being a digital only playlist celebrating the 30th anniversary of LAP. Duh
  3. Eyzonme

    It is good to know you are entitled to your opinion to bodyshame someone. Hope it makes you feel great. 👌
  4. Eyzonme

    A horse ban is main story of the day. Riveting. Here's an interesting fact. Did you know horses are banned inside most buildings? Especially heritage listed buildings.
  5. Eyzonme

    She is a co-owner of Tidal but the app is ranked 700 or something in app store. It's dead.
  6. Eyzonme

    It's digital. Create a playlist of what is missing. It's really not that hard.
  7. Eyzonme

    It is the same person that @Fighterkeeps banning every few weeks.
  8. Eyzonme

    Rainbow flag - Pride Island clue?
  9. Eyzonme

    Welcome to Page 100. Anyone else with less than 5 posts and joined yesterday have any more ridiculous rumours to spread? We should do a recruitment drive to bring all these "reliable sources from Madonnarama" 😂
  10. Eyzonme

    Love Hars is apparently new single. Gimme All Your LOVE Living for LOVE Hard LOVE Pattern?
  11. Eyzonme

    Love A$AP Rocky! I swear I hope they did something together. He is seriously talented and love his voice, style, how creative his videos are and lyrics. He writes very good songs. Check out this song, the guitar/synth is like from an Orbit production cerca All Saints era. Reminds me of Pure Shores. https://youtu.be/yEG2VTHS9yg
  12. Eyzonme

    I got a headache waiting for this album. I can't even function anymore lol
  13. @Fightercan newer threads about Eurovision be closed it is getting a bit confusing 😉 just leave the one with 5 pages. There are 4 separate threads about Eurovision
  14. Eyzonme

    You never cease to make me laugh lol. Thanks for your commentary and wit ❤ reminds me a bit of what the girls from Drag Race would say.