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  1. Eyzonme

    It's so exhausting when there is no release date. It's a daily struggle and nonstop checking for news. I need to get a life
  2. Eyzonme

    https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/i24-news/ They seem to have high factual reporting.
  3. Eyzonme

    Massive exposure. I loooove Eurovision, especially now that Australia is apparently part of Europe.
  4. Eyzonme

    It's weird I was thinking the other day whether she has a driver's licence
  5. Eyzonme

    The album cover will have perforated lines with a coupon for $20 off MDNA SKIN.
  6. I always thought it was the same song. It even mentioned that it is an alternative title on Wikipedia for years.
  7. Eyzonme

    She looks rough in the first pick.
  8. Eyzonme

    I was thinking today why she never had orange hair like in COADF cover. Or did she and I missed it during that era 🤣
  9. Eyzonme

    Maybe letting the air out?
  10. I used to buy everything from all regions etc until I realised they just sit somewhere in my house and never get looked at ever again. Doesn't give me any joy anymore, but I respect those that do it regardless. If for display purposes, you can just buy blank coloured vinyls clones and put stickers on them is how I see it 😛
  11. Eyzonme

    So where did this Barry Gibb rumour come from lol. The song isn't even him it's Leo Sayer
  12. Eyzonme

    Granted he is a legend and so is she, but I have always been perplexed why she always reminisces about MJ, when he clearly made it known he didn't like M one bit. But that's another story unless of course one day she might get his vocals for a posthom duet.
  13. Eyzonme

    Because they don't want Interpol on their ass.
  14. Eyzonme

    Not in Australia 😘
  15. Eyzonme

    At this point in time, we are accepting all forms of submissions.