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  1. merbass

    Has she sung this song live ? I love this song but could not find live version from her.
  2. merbass

    We would never find out whether it was their decision to leave Madonna concert or Madonna no longer wants them around?
  3. merbass

    I could hear them from time to time and heard them through out MDNA tour, but I do hate the backing track that's in place of live music too.
  4. merbass

    What is the story behind this cover? Are they trying to win back their jobs from Madonna?
  5. merbass

    "Who's that girl" - What a mess !
  6. merbass

    Is she going to have dark roots, S&S hair and with a bit of pink highlight?
  7. merbass

    I don't hink it is the question of when any files are being leaked. You can just choose to download it now, a few months later or 5 years down the road. People want something different. I for one would not get the chance to see the concert, because she never visited some part of the world anyway. So to have the concert files or rehearsal files are incredible. As for the DVD or Blu Ray of the concert, perhaps it might be some new location such as Manila or Bangkok.
  8. merbass

    I think the rehearsal should not leak now. We should wait until opening night just to have HQ link of first show and then rehearsal mp3 should come later. I think rehearsal and album leaks are much different. General public do not care about rehearsal, but they do pay attention to the album. So that was bad for the leak. As for tour rehearsal, I still think it is possible for the setlist to change. Just switching songs here and there would not hurt. She might rehearse all those songs for real and to change it along the way. Backdrop is another story though. I think it is set !
  9. merbass

    I believe this is so much different from album leaks because it really impacted the album sales, however tour rehearsal is different. I guess it may ruin the surprise but i doubt people is not going to cancel their plans to see the tour just because of the rehearsal files.
  10. merbass

    Are we going to get these rehearsal files soon?
  11. merbass

    I like La isla bonita CT version. It is fresh and fun, but S&S version was horrible. The songs that have to go on CT are Let it will be, Paradise.
  12. merbass

    Holiday is exceptional to me, but La isla Bonita should be put to rest. I would prefer Another suitcase in another hall or Buenos Aires in its place.
  13. merbass

    Deeper and deeper is a beautiful song. I wish it was included as part of Disco section in Confession Tour. We already had the ballad style in RIT, so let's hope it would be at least up tempo version.
  14. merbass

    I hope she sings Who's the girl completely. It is the only song that I would like to hear on this tour. I didn't l like Open your heart MDNA version much. Would Vogue be a whole song ? I hope so.
  15. merbass

    Could she be having S&S hair but with pink highlight?