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  1. clkelley39

    I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the I have the German yellow CD and the track listing is correct. But it's with the rest of my CD collection at my parent's house 2,000 miles away, so I can't verify.
  2. clkelley39

    How can the video version be an edit of the 7" mix when it has the percussion-and-vocal-only intro ("c'mon girls..") from the Local Mix added onto the beginning? That's not an edit. The 7" mix and Local Mix are similar because they were both remixed by Shep Pettibone. The fact that the video version has the intro from the Local Mix, makes it by definition an edit of the Local Mix. And that edit of the Local Mix you posted is unofficial, confirmed to be fake by Shep himself:
  3. I agree with jtrover. I prefer the original single edits of most of the songs. The only TIC remix I actually enjoy is Holiday. I feel like that's the definitive version of the song. The single edit was indeed edited horribly.
  4. clkelley39

    I'm not sure about the extra scenes, but the 4:25 one that's on The Immaculate Collection DVD, is the one with the edit of the Local Mix. The 5:00 one from the Celebration DVD is the one with the edit of the Non-Stop Express Mix.
  5. Something I noticed throughout The Immaculate Collection is that Shep changed the snare drum sound on a lot of the songs. The songs that had acoustic drums, as opposed to a drum machine (think Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Crazy For You, Open Your Heart, Papa Don't Preach, Cherish), had the echo-ey effect of the snare drums dialed way back on The Immaculate Collection. I reckon it's because Shep is a dance music guy, and in dance music, the snare drum is supposed to be quiet and flat. Whereas in 80's Top 40, there seemed to be an arms race to see who could have the biggest, loudest, wettest snare drum. That was going out of style when the 90's rolled around and I think Shep decreased that effect on the snare drum as a "correction" of a fading fad.
  6. clkelley39

    Technically it wasn't the album version, but an edit of the Local Mix.
  7. I found a remix somewhere on here that seemed to combine the intro from the video version with the 7" remix. It was 4:42. It's my preferred version for listening and it definitely sounds legit, but I can't find any record of it anywhere. It's not listed here:
  8. What do you all mean by "TV Track"? I've heard that several times throughout this forum, but I don't know what it means.
  9. clkelley39

    My guess is that the 4:48 version if the Jellybean remix. Listening to his other remixes, the overuse of silly 80's echo/reverb effects alone is evidence enough of his involvement.
  10. clkelley39

    Jellybean's remixes of "Borderline" are pretty different from the album/demo version. Most notably, he used acoustic drums instead of a drum machine. Then later, added those annoying echoes and cowbells.
  11. clkelley39

    Ah, I see. Both versions fade out, but one fades out instrumentally, and one fades out vocally. For some reason I thought the UK version didn't fade out at all. Thanks so much for uploading and clearing this up.
  12. clkelley39

    I also can't find the UK radio version. I even bought the UK Hung Up CD2 from Amazon, and verified it on Discogs beforehand. Yet the CD I received had the US radio version. Can someone give more detail as to where to find it? Is it only on the UK CD1? Or the British iTunes store? Or better yet, can someone just upload it? There are only so many copies of Hung Up I'll allow myself to buy
  13. To me, it sounds like the Something To Remember edit, pitch-shifted up slightly. My vote is: fake.
  14. clkelley39

    Which version of "Burning Up" is on 'The First Album' (as in, the European re-release of 'Madonna')? As far as the CD goes, the back cover says the running time for "Burning Up" is 4:48, but the disc itself says 3:45. Example: I'm asking because if the CD has the 4:48 version, I'm probably going to buy it off ebay or something.
  15. clkelley39

    Wait, I hear it now. On the single edit, at the guitars and keyboards are layered over each other from the beginning. On the album, guitars start before the keyboards, which don't come in until the vocal begins. I'm sure there are other differences too.