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  1. PaperFaces

    Out: Revolver in: Deeper and Deeper For a period that defines here career even to this day, and for the impact its had on music, “Erotica” is too under-represented on this album.
  2. The Express Yourself acapella. please.
  3. PaperFaces

    Alot of new releases (re-releases) probably coming around the time of the new album.
  4. PaperFaces

    This I would definitely buy.
  5. PaperFaces

    I didnt quite get the 5 seconds of silence at the end of Missong U. But now.... »the empty space you left behind... »
  6. PaperFaces

    Im loving this album! Between the Lines, Ever Again (when that beat comes in...), Because it's in the Music....I love the sounds on this album. It's not too over-produced. Perfect for a nighttime groove sesssion.
  7. PaperFaces

    Celebration is being re-issued as a 4-Vinyl Set in February.
  8. PaperFaces

    I think she preparing a mixtape as a preview for the next album. Some new tracks, some old, some hers, some others.
  9. PaperFaces

    Its not racist. Quavo’s music sucks. i dont want Madonna’s name coming in THIRD on any project.
  10. PaperFaces

    Read the title or an article online that read: ”Quavo, Cardi B and Madonna have a track together”. and thought to myself: “Unfortunately.” Then I thought how Madonna’s name should NEVER appear THIRD on an track.
  11. PaperFaces

    Madonna on Instagram: "New Music...Coming Soon." ("Champagne Rose" released) Me: Very funny, Madonna. Very. Funny.
  12. PaperFaces

    You cant actually download any of this stuff. It just feels like a scam to get your credit card number.
  13. PaperFaces

    It’s also that producers are slapping their names onto everything. Ego, or proper credit im not sure. I mean, it was never « c+c music factory feat, Zelma » or « Shep Pettibone feat. Madonna”. it might also be that the more names are recognized on a track, the more chances itll sell or attention will be drawn to it. Im not a Justin Bieber fan but im a fan of Bloodpop, so crediting it as a Justin Bieber track never wouldve made me look into it. Music is just presented differently now.
  14. PaperFaces

    Check out his discography ang support his bandcamp page:
  15. PaperFaces

    His firs album "Make Me Believe In Hope" is up as a remaster on ITunes (physical copies coming soon). It DOES sound better. His new EP "Tough Love" is fantastic. The production on "One" is top notch. "You belong as far away from me as you can get" is a line on "Tough Love" that resonates like complete silence.