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  1. PaperFaces

    I appreciate that they at least did something, but they couldve made this available to buy on itunes or something. Digital releases are fairly easy to put together now. Besides, I can't bring myself to use Spotify. The quality of the files makes the music sound tinny. People have traded quality for convenience. Something I am not willing to do.
  2. PaperFaces

    I think it just means we are soon getting a slice of the apple. That`s all.
  3. PaperFaces

    Well, also back then, people didnt spend their time online awaiting every little detail. Go on about your day and when new details officially emerge, you will know.
  4. PaperFaces

    Was at her show last night. It was so great!! Danced the whole way through. The DJ before played a remix of Send To Robin Immediately. Anyone know if remixes are coming? Or remixes for Ever Again?
  5. An actual WAV of Avicii Heart...oh how I long for it.
  6. PaperFaces

    If this sounds anything like Rinocerose's "Thanks for the Music", I will be very happy.
  7. PaperFaces

    Beautiful Lies
  8. PaperFaces

    Her instagram posts aren't chronological.
  9. PaperFaces

    I hope everyone realizes that her Instagram posts are not chronological, right?
  10. PaperFaces

  11. PaperFaces

    She’s making us pay for downloading the leaks in all their forms the last time around.
  12. Im in. If you want my contribution.
  13. PaperFaces

    They can keep their original print. I want the WAV files in order to share them. It's wrong to posess these in the first place. But since theyre out there...then sharing seems logical. Besides, these may be commercially available at some point.
  14. PaperFaces

    Like I mentioned in the other thread, Im going to buy it and post t online to end the hoarding. There's point in hanging onto these files now with all these "copies" going around. It's just selfish.