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  1. Frank

    I posted it in my folder on the radio interviews topic ;-)
  2. The Dan one is on the radio interviews topic in my folder. What's that Spotify thing?!
  3. @MadgeSlave @Dito Did u guys get it? Scans maybe, please? hehehe ;-) <3
  4. Frank

    I have no idea. I didn't even think about that tbh 😂
  6. But what was recorded? The interview that's being broadcasted tomorrow? And now the other event follows, or what? I don't get it 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Frank

    Not yet, that one is coming from
  9. Would u please share HQ scans???? ;-)
  10. Frank

    And the FNAC deluxe CD, the booklet is different to the standard one, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
  11. Frank

    YAY!!!!! MY 1ST ONE JUST ARRIVED!!!!!:
  12. Mit Madonna, Hot Chip, Monkeytown, The Raconteurs, Prince und Tame Impala: Der neue Musikexpress – jetzt am Kiosk! Die Queen of Pop im Interview, Labelarbeit in Zeiten der Digitalisierung und Mark Ronson über Liebeskummer und Arbeitswut – diese und weitere Themen im jetzt erschienenen Musikexpress 07/19. Der Musikexpress 07/2019 – die Themen im Überblick: Madonna – God Save The Queen Ein neues Album, ein neuer Look – und ein maßloser Shitstorm. Madonna ist zurück und alle reden von ihr. Warum die Queen of Pop nicht abdanken darf, bloß weil sie mal einen schlechten Abend hatte, und warum wir sie und ihre Musik brauchen: ein Plädoyer für Madonna.
  13. HQ scans of the cover and all M related pages would be FANTASTIC. Thanks a lot!!!!!.
  14. Can u scan it 4 us please??!! 😍😍
  15. I have read i don't remember where that is an I Rise instrumental????
  16. I hope someone can provide us with some great scans of this, the cover is stunning!!!!!! <3
  17. Frank

    FNAC is almost ready to ship!!!! *_*
  18. Yes, but it can be talking about the whole thing as a show, as an entertainment show, as a program show, because it also says "Madonna will play songs from her new album", not PERFORM... But we'll see i guess ;-) I just don't want people to get their hopes up for a minigig as not everything points to that atm...
  19. Mmmm, after reading it, i'm not so sure if it's a performance or not...
  20. I'll do all that i can!!! ;-)
  21. @G_O_N_E @LindebergBoy do u guys know if the "docu" shot in Lisbon with the dark wig and the table etc etc is gonna be released in some form??.