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  1. Has this just changed?, I don't keep an eye on the youtube channel the quality is usually rubbish I didn't realize she had full albums on there either..
  2. Dark Ballet

    One thing I have wondered is, do you think as part of the final album sessions she will have worked on tour versions? In some ways it makes sense and would account for all the time involved..
  3. Dark Ballet

    Ray of Light - Orange vinyl
  4. Dark Ballet

    That's the other CD
  5. Dark Ballet

    Dark Ballet is mentioned here by Madonna
  6. Dark Ballet

    I like it
  7. Dark Ballet

    I agree all this Facebook, instagram, Twitter stuff should stop.....
  8. Dark Ballet

    I think, the problem is without her approval they probably can't do much else than re-release. I bet just changing the colour of the vinyl is a loop hole and there exploiting it to generate money.. I bet she isn't even aware of all these coloured vinyl re-issues..
  9. Dark Ballet

    These vinyl re-issues are getting stupid now.. :( We got a blue vinyl ray of light last year... now we get a clear vinyl.... It just feels like there just money grabbing.. It's sad
  10. Dark Ballet

    When the album comes out, it needs to be promoted properly not just rushed so she can tour.. like MDNA.
  11. Dark Ballet

    Something should have been said earlier, everyone was expecting something to drop soon... Instead all we get is this skin stuff.. ;(
  12. Dark Ballet

    when she does promo for this new album i hope half of the air time isn't taken up selling this MDNA stuff.. :(
  13. Dark Ballet

    she can buy the rights.. i'm sure someone would do a deal if they really wanted to release this stuff... there just not interested in doing so..
  14. Dark Ballet

    She could release anything if she wanted too....
  15. Wonder if that harp thing on her head is part of the new albums logo