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  1. Dark Magic

    Like a Prayer is a bloody Masterpiece nothing compares to it.!!!
  2. Dark Magic

    This NYC Pride stuff. Is it televised ?
  3. Dark Magic

    I reckon there's a strong possibility she's doing all the videos before releasing the album. Or she's doing a Video Album of some sort... Or it's for some sort of documentary
  4. Dark Magic

    Tribe is reporting this :- As you already know from our previous reports, Madonna‘s 14th studio album is expected to be released in Q2 this year: more precisely, it will be out in June. In more news, the first single will be with Maluma, the Colombian reggaeton singer, songwriter and Latin Grammy Award winner who recently appeared on Madonna’s Instagram straight from the recording studio. Can you hear the clock ticking? She’s coming soon!
  5. Dark Magic

    i've always used winzip
  6. Anyone managed to grab one of these, apparently there out there.
  7. Dark Magic

    I would love to know more about this footage.?
  8. Dark Magic

    American Life
  9. Material Girl 12", I think was the first thing i bought.. I did have a copy of the first 2 albums on tape :(
  10. Dark Magic

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is World Pride... Is it something she's expected to turn up too? Perform? Where? What is it? Is it a gig? I keep seeing this been mentioned..
  11. Dark Magic

    Just seen this, but it's not clear where it's Breaking From I hope it's true.
  12. Dark Magic

    I don't think so..
  13. Dark Magic

    question about streaming...... if you leave a song/album on repeat does it actually count to the charts?
  14. Dark Magic

    The one thing I do want with a tour, is to respect the audience and not come on at ridiculously late times...
  15. Dark Magic

    I would love that too, that would be so amazing