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  1. The Ghost

    This for instance exists for Warning Signs, I believe this was shared a long time ago giving the impression this 3rd track was pulled at a late stage.
  2. The Ghost

    Think the big difference is that a lot of the later demos are digitally stored and easily copied.. where as the earlier stuff might only exist on Reels in the vaults one hopes..
  3. The Ghost

    What RIT stuff is there?
  4. The Ghost

    Don't want any swear words, need an album I can play with my kids in the car without worrying about having to skip stuff
  5. Wonder is releasing to Streaming Only for the first couple of weeks the option?
  6. I bought this book, I have to say it's very well done and definitely worth considering. I'm very pleased with my copy.
  7. The Ghost

    Completely agree Ghosttown one of the best tracks for many years with a great video got completely ignored whilst everyone got excited about BIM, I don't get it.
  8. BIM,, is bloody terrible.. just my opinion I'm a 47 year old fan not an 18 year old.
  9. “It’s a beautiful plan, but I’m not concerned. It’s a beautiful game, that I never learned. You have taught me to shut my mouth, better not to get burned. Keep your beautiful lies cause I’m not concerned,”
  11. The Ghost

    I don't know i'm guessing that's probably the case.