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  1. baymad4her

    There's 2 videos of La Isla Bonita on her channel, one with 134 million views and one with 98 million views, they are exactly the same video, are they gonna merge and be upgraded and not lose views on one, if they do it right it means it will have 232 million views altogether but I'm sure it won't happen
  2. baymad4her

    I'll believe it when I see it
  3. baymad4her

    I love Bitch I'm Madonna, fantastic song and fantastic video, she should of released this first, would of been a major hit in my opinion In fact I'm going to play the official DJ Irene Remix
  4. baymad4her

    Madonna has got a lot to prove this time around probably even more that at the start of her career, I think if this isn't done right, it will be game over and she might as well do a Las Vegas residency
  5. If this really is true, this is fantastic news. This is the type of exposure Madonna needs. She better perform a new song or she has lost the plot
  6. baymad4her

    Hasn't Into The Groove sold a million copies in the UK yet. I mean every other crappy female artist has managed to do it
  7. baymad4her

    Does anyone know if the Edits on It's That Girl Cassette and The CD Single Collection are the same version? On Remixology it says Edit/LP Edit is 4:05 and so is the running times so are they all the same version or different
  8. baymad4her

    I only use YouTube to watch Madonna videos. I have all my Madonna collection on my laptop and stored on my MicroSD Card on my mobile so I can listen to any Madonna song wherever I am. I will stream Madonna's new album on Spotify or Amazon when it comes out so it gets more sales added and I'll buy it on CD of course
  9. baymad4her

    Don't forget about the Video Version
  10. Only version I know is the 3:15 version, can you share it please 😀
  11. baymad4her

    Certainly nothing like Madonna that's for sure
  12. baymad4her

    Rihanna has apparently sold more in singles yes but then Rihanna would collaborate with anyone and what do they mean by sales as streaming isn't a pure sale
  13. baymad4her

    Rihanna is now the biggest selling female artist in the UK
  14. baymad4her

    Hmm, not so sure tbh