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  1. Only version I know is the 3:15 version, can you share it please 😀
  2. baymad4her

    Certainly nothing like Madonna that's for sure
  3. baymad4her

    Rihanna has apparently sold more in singles yes but then Rihanna would collaborate with anyone and what do they mean by sales as streaming isn't a pure sale
  4. baymad4her

    Rihanna is now the biggest selling female artist in the UK
  5. baymad4her

    Hmm, not so sure tbh
  6. baymad4her

    I reckon she will push the boundaries even more and I can't wait for that
  7. Revolver (Ted Springman Remix) Anyone?
  8. baymad4her

    Nope, definitely on about Borderline
  9. baymad4her

    I ask as I've had someone tell me that the video version is a completely different version to the Edits
  10. baymad4her

    Does anyone know if the video version is from It's that Girl cassette or the CD Single Collection or a unique version? Edit (3:58) (It's That Girl Cassette) Edit (Radio Version) (3:56) (CD Single Collection) (Triple Mix Vinyl) Video Version (3:56)
  11. baymad4her

    Pretty obvious, Radio didn't play it and she's apparently too old
  12. baymad4her

    I think streaming might be too her advantage now especially in the UK where they have changed the chart rules to include YouTube video streams. If Bitch I'm Madonna was eligible then for video streams she would of charted higher, that's my opinion anyway or I'm just hoping too much
  13. baymad4her

    Anyone got the Ted Springman mix of Revolver?