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  1. There isn't actually a mix called 7" Remix. On the 7" Vinyl it's called Remix and on It's That Girl cassette so I refer to it as that and I believe they are different Edits
  2. Thanks The Same Parts, I been after this mix for ages. I'd be interested in seeing the track listing for the CD
  3. That's a shame, I really want those versions 🙁
  4. If that mix is official it sounds like it could be the "Straight Pass" at 4:45 from
  5. So nobody on here knows anything about it
  6. baymad4her

    I don't care if she's predictable or not, she's still releasing albums and I always look forward to them. I know a lot of people slag off MDNA but I love that album still and I like Bitch I'm Madonna song and video. Madonna has always been around for as long as I can remember, that doesn't sound predictable to me.
  7. I'm looking for a rare CDr which is meant to contain official Madonna remixes not available anywhere, such as American Pie - Victor Calderone Vocal Club Mix (7:34) The CDr is called "Victor Calderone Mixes for Grammy consideration" Does anyone know anything bout it or the track listings or where to find it?
  8. Very interesting list although most are the usual versions just mixed into others so for me personally I don't count them as separate mixes
  9. Nope, they are still officially released
  10. Interesting, never heard of them. I wonder if that really is an official release
  11. I'm annoyed with Madonna or whoever makes the decisions but she's not really giving what her die hard fans really want
  12. The It's That Girl Cassette does seem to have a different ending. At 3:49 she says come on baby. On a Remix Edit at 3:49. She says scared of me or something On another Edit, which is called 'Remix' on vinyl issues which I assume is the Edit of Extended Version at 3:49, she says Watch out, watch out Confusing, can anyone shed any light?
  13. baymad4her

    I'm so happy that there is still interest from the public about a new Madonna song