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  1. RebelMe

    Mambo, The Mixtape, soon
  2. RebelMe

  3. RebelMe

    M, with all the respect, release Avicii Heart as a single
  4. RebelMe

    My problem with RH was and still is the demos leakig before the official material. I bought and supported M, but in terms of listening, I always choose the demos instead the released material with rare exceptions like Holy Water. Iconic I don’t pay too much attention nowadays, as @DickTracysaid, it hasn’t aget well.
  5. RebelMe

    Kylie Minogue

    One of her best songs from Golden. I'm glad that we are getting well produced music videos, and her new label have been supporting her through the year.
  6. RebelMe

    Madonna had a lot of rap/hiphop/urban influences through the years, isn't new for her. She already complained about the writing process with Guy, and we know what she meant by that. She's more focused on producing a great material than on what people want or expect, IMO. I remember she saying that she was influenced a lot by Portugal... so, I think we will get something far away from we got in Quavo's song
  7. RebelMe

    I remember reading a rumour in 2013 or 2014, that they rejected a proposal to work with her
  8. RebelMe

    Kylie Minogue

    I was on my phone, I did not see it, thank u for sharing too! I’m too, can’t wait to see the music video!
  9. RebelMe

    Kylie Minogue

    And the next single will be getting a different mix too (added Sleigh Bells to the mix) Musc’s Too Sad Without You (Christmas Mix)
  10. RebelMe

    I get you, but I wasn't particularly talking about Timbaland, neither Nelly Furtado, but the style. Promiscuous aged so well, and I would love Madonna being part of a song that follows the same line as this one. Hard Candy as Fighter said would be the closest, but it's her album, it's her work. I'm talking about something like Across The Sky, till this day, I love that song, and aged so well too. If it got released back in the day, got a proper music video, and promo, would be a hit for sure. (Coincidentally from Timbaland too) (About JTs album: Trash)
  11. RebelMe

    I would love Madonna doing something like this, on a featuring. 2006 to 2008 was such a great moment for urban music.
  12. RebelMe

    I agree with you Fighter. Everyone was done listening all the same thing over and over, and that’s why HipHop got so relevant. I personally like dance music, and the whole RetroWave that is coming to light. I appreciate DJs and the urge to change their stiles nowadays. I’m far away from complaining about the genre (HipHop). The only thing that is bugging me is M part of the song, and that’s all.
  13. RebelMe

    It's because in the USA/WW Charts, rappers are getting a lot more audience than electronic/dance music this year, I presume. But, I'm totally in with a featuring with Guetta/Random DJ/ Major Lazer, or, a female artist like Taylor or Ariana.
  14. RebelMe

    Kylie Minogue

    Good point! Really interesting one. And I heard on another forum that we will get a reissue at the end of the year, I wonder if it's true.
  15. RebelMe

    The point is not about how her album will sounds like, because even Beautiful Game we don't really know how it 's going to be, so, there's no point of meltdown here. The point is if the Quavo's song is good or not. And some of us like it, and that's ok, and some of us, don't, and both sides have reasons to it. And I think, first of all, to be a M fan, we need to accept all her changes, and thank her for that. All her reinventions made great albums. Look Erotica, Ray Of Light, America Life, Confessions... she nailed it, and still is. Being featured on another person song is not, imo, a big of a change, all artists do it all the time. What I'm complaining is how her part is badly mastered, and sounds like a cheap autotune, not what we are used to have from her. And, I don't have time for streams numbers. Stream/buy if you like the song, not to put it on top just because it's Madonna. We are not little monsters that are constantly obsessed about numbers and chats positions. Being a M fan is primordially about how professional she is on delivering great material, not generic stuff to fulfil charts numbers that will be forgotten next week.