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    Ray of Light, I choose you
  2. a work in progress...

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  3. Just noticed the brazilian cd doesn't have the "confessions" written on it


    1. Unruhe


      NICE DETAIL!! I had never noticed it before!

  4. Piranha

    Look for them on share mania
  5. Hello everyone, first of all, sorry for my english Well, I'm trying to rip Lucky Star from my IC dvd copy, actually, I have already ripped the Video TS files, but I have a question about how can I cut only a part of it (Lucky Star) without having quality loss, or changes, I mean, I want it to stay in it's original way, you see? I've tried on Sony Vegas, but I don't know why the video stay with a strange blue tone...? I just want to know, if there's someone here who knows how to answer my question... I would be very thankfull
  6. Piranha

    Thank you