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  1. madaboutM

    Same. It felt so forcibly vanilla in order to tone down her Erotica/SEX image.
  2. madaboutM

    huh? it's covered by her suit jacket. Have you seen the performance?
  3. madaboutM

    One sweet day...
  4. madaboutM

    Yep, Hard Candy Mexico still up and running.
  5. Funny how nobody cares about Africa until a celebrity like M wears a traditional dress and all of the sudden everyone screams “cultural appropriation!” People: you care about Africa? Go get there and start helping build a school or a hospital. Until then, shhhh...
  6. There are sadly no more “eras”
  7. Awe Shep Pettibone, genius! Producing Vogue on $5k. I wonder if he and Madonna had a fall out.
  8. madaboutM

    Please Help! Which Confessions pin should be the next?
  9. madaboutM

    Those butt implants 😖
  10., of course.
  11. If you can't handle her at her worst then probably you never deserved her at her best.
  12. madaboutM

    I've been thinking about that!
  13. madaboutM

    Second pin is here! Thank you for all your suggestions!
  14. madaboutM

    Lighten up people! Some take these threads way too seriously. no themes: -having rappers to give her street cred -“don’t tell me to stop doing this or that, I’m a rebel” -dancing until the daylight
  15. madaboutM

    Agreed. Love Profussion, American Life, I’m so Stupid and Mother & Father are simply not good, hence they have not aged well.