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  1. diesel6888

    it was pure genius
  2. diesel6888

    You know ray of light was written by an old 60s hippie and NOT Madonna? it was never anything to do with religion as in organized religion, spirituality yes.... Obviously your interpretation is totally welcome....
  3. diesel6888

    I know but even if it wasnt the miramax footage they still have the screen cameras for the audience there and they will have recorded the whole show, so what I am saying is the show will exist ...
  4. diesel6888

    Every show she has ever done is archived from the cameras that film the show for the screen for the audience to watch. we know this form previous shows that have leaked. It will all be archived at the Sire warner Vaults I expect/
  5. diesel6888

    Me too!! Nobody else as a guest vocal, she does not need to appeal to that audience at all!
  6. diesel6888

    we will have to wait and see! Its all good hype whatever and its true it does not match this report!|: https://metro.co.uk/2018/05/30/details-of-madonnas-new-album-leak-online-7590802/
  7. A Pic showing listing for madonnas new album magic just appeared online!!! I am sure it is fake! But some of those track titles are good! Mothership Alma Gemea Kisses over roses No fear no feat nakune travel by night feat drake Beautiful game feat Nicki M and Cardi b Ice cold We did what we did Astral Begging for hope Just Away (just alone) magic The Golden Key We need more windows in hell Ice Cold The chainsmokes remix Alma Gemea Remix Beautiful Game David Guetta remix
  8. diesel6888

    The picture disc you listed here is from the 80's. They were sold through mainstream record stores like HMV and tower records and Our Price in the UK. As they were released in the 80s there were not really other 'bootleg' picture discs available as there are these days, so they were collectable but readily available. I'd buy them buy them but interviews are very early and bad quality mainly.
  9. diesel6888

    When FNAC did this before they were the same releases as the UK Supermarket Sainsbury's, infact when I ordered them online from FNAC I got the exact UK ones withe the Sainsubry's stickers! It was only later they started distributing with their own stickers!
  10. Hi there can anybody tell me or possible list the recent re-issues and RSD vinyls we have had over the last 3 to 4 years the differences between possible US and EU pressings? I am so confused as when have bought some in the UK they turn out to be US imports. As an avid vinyl collector I want to make sure I don't miss all the formats.... please help..
  11. I have a load of stuff for sale on ebay, what do you collect?
  12. yes ;( so much so I had to start selling some to make room! LOL
  13. diesel6888

    Yes but Erotica is an amazing album to listen to on vinyl!