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  1. Hi there can anybody tell me or possible list the recent re-issues and RSD vinyls we have had over the last 3 to 4 years the differences between possible US and EU pressings? I am so confused as when have bought some in the UK they turn out to be US imports. As an avid vinyl collector I want to make sure I don't miss all the formats.... please help..
  2. I have a load of stuff for sale on ebay, what do you collect?
  3. yes ;( so much so I had to start selling some to make room! LOL
  4. diesel6888

    Yes but Erotica is an amazing album to listen to on vinyl!
  5. I know, I have sold many of the items you see here, for silly amounts of money, still it helped furnish my house! Plus Id rather it go on to another collection than sit in storage!
  6. Ergh I was a teenager lol!
  7. Yes my mistake, I started collecting in 85-86 just before the WTG World Tour. Plus all the display stuff was given to me free. You used to just go and reserve it all on the day of release! LOL
  8. This was me back in the early 90s with my M collection. Started collecting around 85, now in my late 40's and nothing has changed!
  9. diesel6888

    Yes I know, but I guess I just assumed they had met as he remixed GGW
  10. diesel6888

    Im not sure why she says nice to meet you I thought they had worked together!???