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  1. diesel6888

    Here's me back in the 80's, still collecting now!!!
  2. I wouldnt put it past her lol
  3. Yes she did but I guess they were the same age back then and era. I totally understand and you have a valid point, I just dont like her collabs, never had...
  4. Exactly! LOl I do feel my point is being missed...
  5. None, ? Me against the music, Give it to me, Four minutes, Revolver, Gimmie all your loving, God is a woman, Champagne Rose, so in fact they were all singles apart from the Nas collaboration? My point is I like Madonna to be her own artist making music that is new, not falling into the trap of music that all sounds the same... Personally I don't feel she needs collaborations. I doubt she will ever have a hit single again, so why bother with these other artist... This is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs also and I do respect that....
  6. Ariane Grande Britney Spears Justin Timberlake Lil Wayne Niki M Mia Timberland Nas Pharrell Quavo & cardi B Oh I must be wrong??!!!
  7. My view, that I know you will all hate me for, is she is undoing her amazing legacy. It's bad enough the younger generation (including a wide younger LGBT audience) don't recognize her as the music icon she is and trailblazer she has been. Her constant obsession of late of appealing to a younger audience by collaborating with younger artist is wearing thin. Plus it's making her even more irrelevant with that audience. I wish her "camp" had the balls to stand up to her a bit more. It would seem she has a lot of sycophants around her who act obsequiously towards her in order to gain their own advantage. I hope and pray that M14 will bring her back to the music and people will once again she her for the brilliant lyricist and creator of melodies she is and the artist that I fell in love with through the 80-90's. This album looks as if it has been much more restrained in terms of involvement of different producers etc.... lets hope 2019 is a great year for her music....
  8. diesel6888

    Couldn't agree more!
  9. diesel6888

    He just isn't great, In my opinion (based on my opinion) I was a teenager with 80s Madonna and the way she was promoted and managed by Demann entertainment, Liz etc. I think she had much more mystique and credibility back then and was a true, massive global superstar, not just with hardcore fans but with music lovers worldwide. She had a huge popular culture influence and not so now. Again this is my opinion and you can have yours, but this is what I am basing it on. I cant wait for her new music and hope it is a huge shift away from the way she worked on the last two albums.
  10. diesel6888

    She was big before Guy ever got involved. I dont hate him at all, I just dont think he has been a very good manager, thats all.
  11. diesel6888

    I'm not overreacting lol, I am having an opinion. I can't agree with you on the tours, however, I have been to every tour she has done except the Virgin as I didn't live in the US. MDNA and Rebel Heart may have had a lot of bells and whistles as they say, not no way near the energy of her previous shows.
  12. diesel6888

    Yes much more mystique and illusive, I preferred it in the 80's than her recent way of working, but as I said that's my preference.
  13. diesel6888

  14. diesel6888

    Of course we are cool, we are having a conversation as adults! So many people on social media can't lol, I just miss the old days at the height of her career. I just find she is trying to hard to be relevant in today's music industry. I have hope that this new album will be good from what I am hearing, I'm afraid Rebel Heart and MDNA are just not cohesive long play albums in my opinion. They were just a bunch of songs by so many writers and producers and that's what they sounded like. This is why I am excited for M 14 as it would seem a departure from that ...
  15. diesel6888

    Probably due to 4 minutes which also featured justin being the lead single, they would never release a second song with him on... I guess