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  1. A bop! Best version of the song!


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    2. Liam


      I love Cyndi's version. I agree it's the best.  It's interesting that she released this before Roy Orbison released his since he originally wrote it.  If I recall, he actually recorded his verion before she did, but just never released it until later.  A Night To Remember was a great album.  It should have done far better than it did.  And one thing I thought was interesting is that every release and look in the 80's seemed to paralleled Madonna's to some degree. 

    3. Enrico


      Yes @LiamI remember it too! The mixed blonde and brown hair were compared with Madonna's Pepsi look, of the same period. Anyway, Cyndi's version remains the best and I love the album, especially Heading west.

    4. Primul5


      Really the best!