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  1. Kamyczek

    I had WAV file a decade ago. A few computer changings later I try to find this version in best possible quality. Love this version!
  2. Kamyczek

    Thank you!
  3. Kamyczek

    I was hoping that I will find here alternative version of Pattern Of My Life :( Do you guys have it in good quality?
  4. Kamyczek

  5. Thanks!! Stranger in Moscow would be a dream!
  6. Kamyczek

    This is not 3rd re-issue. According to Amazon this 'September release' is an import so I'm pretty sure it will be import from Europe of Rhino re-issue from June 2018: https://www.madonnadiscography.pl/news/the-immaculate-collection-on-vinyl The 3rd Rhino re-issue was Barnes & Noble re-issue in July. Run-out-grooves information say that this was made from the same masters as European release a month earlier. But both have different catalog numbers, and different print of covers: https://www.madonnadiscography.pl/news/the-immaculate-collection-barnes-noble-vinyl
  7. Kamyczek

    J. Randy Taraborrelli was writing too many books at the same time
  8. Kamyczek

    Dress You Up EP was released in Japan in 1985 on vinyl by Warner-Pioneer, later on CD.
  9. Thanks! Do you have This Time Around remixes (WAVs or any lossless format) which you can share?