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  1. MerBoy13

    I am sick of all the negativity christ judge the album when it comes out. Sick of reading all the moans and groans when we have heard f all from the album save for the met gala performance. >_<
  2. MerBoy13

    Please remaster LAP and Erotica. Please also release the Rain Tapes fully re-mastered and finally please do a record of all your unreleased songs as they are masterpieces. Contray to what you think. ☺️
  3. MerBoy13

    The interlude was great.
  4. MerBoy13

    Name of the Game has me feeling gutted my favourite ABBA song and that preview broke my heart.
  5. Gambler. It deserved so much more success.
  6. MerBoy13

    God sake got in there before me.
  7. MerBoy13

    I used to care about chart positions etc but now I dont give a fuck tbh. Yes its great Madonna having success however everything changes with time and unfortunately she is not as popular as she used to be. This decade and the next one will be the true test of her fans and I intend to stick with her until the end. I also highly believe that the music she is producing is actually better then most which is out today. I will say though Im gutted she didn't stick with Avicii for Rebel Heart. Wash All Over Me Demo 2 still slays me to this day.
  8. MerBoy13

    I really liked the song lets please try to keep a positive mind about it we havent heard the album version.
  9. I would like to hear the re-worked version of Trust No Bitch by Blood Diamonds or as he is now known Blood Pop.
  10. MerBoy13

    Wouldnt mind that either 😄
  11. MerBoy13

    Apparently she may be doing a part two album so fingers crossed some songs you mentioned end up on there. Id love her to cover Voulez-Vous.
  12. MerBoy13

    I bloody am I was worried when she said it would be done in a different way I thought she was going to make all the songs acoustic or all balladey thank christ its the Cher we all know and love. Stoked for this album.
  13. MerBoy13

    £100 +
  14. MerBoy13

    Oh look another list where all the songs post 2000 are ranked lower. -__- All her songs are great. Maybe thats biased maybe not but apart from a couple in the 00's most are fantastic.
  15. MerBoy13

    That would of been a great plug for the skin care line. Seeing as its her baby.