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  1. MerBoy13

    The reason it didn’t work was because MDNA was released a month after. I think the album should drop on the night. I think they are going to use EV as a platform for the new single which is good to create a buzz but her singles (unfortunately) dont perform as well as they used to. She is a legend now and as a legend she should focus on album sales. I’d love for her to hit number one everywhere again (single wise) just to put the middle finger up to the haters but unfortunately there are too many things against her. (Streaming, YouTube Views, Ageism + Ageism on the radio).
  2. MerBoy13

    I think if Madonna performs at EV then she should release the album after the performance to capatilise on the “sales effect”. I think performing her new material then waiting a month or two for the album could be a risk as the hype would die down. Unfortunately the music buisness has become more about NOW rather than later.
  3. MerBoy13

    No please dont relegate it to a backdrop. I’d love to see her do it live or as suggested livish and with a complete dance ♥️
  4. MerBoy13

    Do you mean they would be quite good on it if she samg it live rather then pre-recorded? How strange those are my two favourite songs by Shep to! 🤨
  5. MerBoy13

    Id love her to do Rescue Me I do think she would have to pre-record that song if it was an openor similiar to Vogue Future Lovers and GGW. I don't think she has as strong vocals as she did back in 1990 when the song was released on the IC.
  6. MerBoy13

    Not sure and even if he was he wouldn't be selling.
  7. MerBoy13

    GOD dont do this to me I thought it had leaked.
  8. Its easy for certain members to get annoyed or think others are greedy for wanting to hear more however some of us aren’t lucky enough to be hooked up with sellers and traders. Please just remember that.
  9. MerBoy13

    What about I Surrender Dear?
  10. If anyone has Actions message me please. =)

  11. MerBoy13

    Best get working my fingers to the bone ;)
  12. MerBoy13

    I think another big problem is recognising the proper stuff and the fake cuts. Please can we put the fake stuff into a section that way the people that dont mind the fakes can still dl and the ones who want the full shilling can ignore that section?
  13. MerBoy13

    ROL Demo Assembly - oh wait some a hole went and told. ;)
  14. Ha Im not surprised I foresaw this happening becareful who you trust is all Im saying.