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  1. I wouldn’t have guessed a BL track to be our next surprise, but I’ll take it! Would love to hear this one in full.
  2. dhrbb03

    If anything deserves a vinyl treatment... Better set up an altar to the gay gods.
  3. Agreed. I’m loving this one. I’m totally here for a fusion of 80s pop/funk/disco on her next album. BL is still my fave of hers. I’d love her to revisit that style, though maybe a bit more upbeat. Something that could blend that album, Lost Without You, and Your Body would satisfy me enough that if she retired, I’d have my perfect album. Perish the thought. And I’m the one always rolling my eyes at others jumping the gun...
  4. Can I just say that part of the reason I always want Kylie to come to the US to promote or perform is because of interviews and reviews like this. It’s refreshing to see that she’s revered for her past here as opposed to punished, and we actually get some left-of-center critiques that very seldom are negative. And Billboard loves her, of course... https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8462907/kylie-minogue-bowery-golden-new-york-city
  5. I remember asking him about it along with a Dannii mix years ago on the Dannii forum. He didn’t have it then, either. Shame.
  6. The best info I’ve received on this one, don’t pay for a copy. It’s not widely available, frankly, it’s not even available in trading circles. Other than that, I only know of one person who has it, and only a handful of others who have heard at least parts of it. There was a file years ago, but it was found to be an edit of a different dub. Good luck. I’ve been trying to hunt that one down for about 15 years.
  7. I just read this again and completely missed the end where Sigala apparently said she loves their song from his upcoming album so much that she’s asked him to come up with some ideas for more music. Here’s hoping she was involved lyrically with What You Waiting For, and it wasn’t just a song he had submitted. My only wish (this year) is that she gets excited and experimental with dance for Golden’s follow up. The only thing I want polished is the production. That’s my one issue from Golden, and it’s only on a couple of songs where it’s just a bit under par for an artist of her caliber. It doesn’t ruin the album at all. Her vocals are incredible when she’s not trying to be perfect and just lets the emotion do the work. Now that she’s seen that she can throw herself into her work emotionally in a way that is satisfying for her, produces a really great product, and has clearly been a surprise hit for fans, I think she’s more inclined to take some more risks like that in the future.
  8. Ooh, thank you! Saves me from trying to get a decent rip from mine. Much appreciated.
  9. dhrbb03

    K-Gee did both songs we’ve heard so far, and it was mentioned by one of the girls in an interview article that Orbit was involved with two tracks. After All has been the only one named, so I don’t know if he did two tracks, period, or two tracks on the album. I’m assuming the latter, but he hasn’t been involved in anything we’ve heard yet.
  10. Just found this on Say Hey. On the third picture/video, it appears to be a clip of the Kylie/Sigala collab. It sounds promising.
  11. dhrbb03

    The media has done a horrible job differentiating. Most articles that talk about him don’t mention the song he did, and mention it’s a Shaz/K-Gee track. The Orbit collab has been talked about more like it is the single, but from what I’ve read, it isn’t the same song. I’m so pleased they came back with Red Flag and ecstatic that we’re getting a follow up a little over two years later. This is nothing that I expected from them, but it doesn’t sound out of place in their discography. They’re bringing the fire.
  12. The Sigala track is going to be released on his upcoming album. The album’s out this fall, but it sounds like it might drop before then, so I’m guessing it’ll be a single sometime this summer. There’s a RT on Sigala’s Twitter that says it goes off, so I’m expecting big things.
  13. Agreed. She’s not stupid. I could definitely see her changing the tempo and sound slightly to fit the rest of the performance and to leave a little to the imagination for release. From the clip, I’m intrigued, but it’s hard to judge if I like something until I’ve heard the full song. I’ve loved clips and been underwhelmed when I’ve heard the full track. I’m looking at you, Love Spent.
  14. dhrbb03

    He gets copies for review pretty early. It’s not often we would get someone of CAs caliber, usually it’s newer artists or more indie/underground, but our publisher wants to expand the music reviews and entertainment news sections of their business, so we’ve been getting some pretty exciting music around the office lately. It went out to a number of well-known publications just prior to the announcement. RCA’s small write up that came with it made it sound like they really believe in this album, though, which I can’t say they ever indirectly said about Lotus or Bionic. So, they must see something I don’t. I can’t say I’m a fan of Twice, either. It just isn’t my thing. I do think that a lot of people are going to enjoy this album and I think she’s going to do better than the last two, but I don’t want to give anything away that might set unrealistic expectations. I want people to remain excited until they hear it for the first time and can judge for themselves because it is a strong album, it’s just not for me. As a CA fan from way back in 99, I’m happy people are enjoying what’s out and I want her to do well overall, it’s been a long ten years since she’s been well and truly appreciated for her musical abilities. I’m just disappointed it’s not to my taste, but we can’t have everything. I’ll get over it. Still love her. That’ll never change.
  15. dhrbb03

    So my boss just got the album and played it for a couple of us. I really hope it does well and that I’m in the minority, but I can’t say any of it appeals to me. It didn’t really seem to do much for any of us in the room tbh. I won’t be buying it, which is sad because I adore her. I will be buying her and Demi, though. That’s the one redeeming track.