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  1. dhrbb03

    Kylie Minogue

    I can’t wait to see what pans out. Now, Miss Pearl looks like a party.
  2. I don’t think there are any beyond that unfortunately. She really didn’t perform live outside of tv after her first album. I’d love to be proven wrong with another set!
  3. I have always wanted an extended mix of this. This played in my house growing up and has continued to do so all these years later. Thank you!
  4. I do hope the full stems drop eventually. It’d be great to hear the full track with all the stems included.
  5. dhrbb03

    The intro does sound disjointed. It’s a great song otherwise. An Orbit 12” of After All would be amazing. The video dropped, so I’m guessing remixes will be showing up in the next couple weeks. I’m loving the whole album. I’m pleasantly surprised. No Issues is fun. Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder has really grown on me.
  6. Yea, this is the one that used to make the rounds on the DC++ hubs back then. I always wondered if they said it was fake just to throw off the scent. But it never sounded quite right to me.
  7. dhrbb03

    I always liked the demo of Influence. I had a copy of that a long time ago. Still haven’t heard SA, though. That one has eluded me. Parlo had everything locked down early on in that era. They got really lax from BL on, though.
  8. dhrbb03

    What?!? I could kiss you. It’s been such a long drought since any LY gems have dropped. Thank you!
  9. dhrbb03

    Kylie Minogue

    I wouldn’t have guessed a BL track to be our next surprise, but I’ll take it! Would love to hear this one in full.
  10. dhrbb03

    If anything deserves a vinyl treatment... Better set up an altar to the gay gods.
  11. dhrbb03

    Kylie Minogue

    Agreed. I’m loving this one. I’m totally here for a fusion of 80s pop/funk/disco on her next album. BL is still my fave of hers. I’d love her to revisit that style, though maybe a bit more upbeat. Something that could blend that album, Lost Without You, and Your Body would satisfy me enough that if she retired, I’d have my perfect album. Perish the thought. And I’m the one always rolling my eyes at others jumping the gun...
  12. dhrbb03

    Kylie Minogue

    Can I just say that part of the reason I always want Kylie to come to the US to promote or perform is because of interviews and reviews like this. It’s refreshing to see that she’s revered for her past here as opposed to punished, and we actually get some left-of-center critiques that very seldom are negative. And Billboard loves her, of course... https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8462907/kylie-minogue-bowery-golden-new-york-city