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  1. Found the Dance Mix RSD vinyl at my local store today and ordered in COADF pink vinyl reissue - super happy!!

    1. scottyj


      congrats! mine should arrive early next week

    2. scottyj


      make that, today lol


  2. rebelhearter

    I was just about to ask how soon Rhino will be doing Confessions. I can't wait! I saw the Like a Virgin Rhino vinyl in my local (non-franchise) record shop and should have bought it but was low on $$. Hope it's in there next time!
  3. How's everyone's year going so far?

    1. Andymad


      I have yet to hear about a RHT studio versions leak so just TERRIFIC

    2. wtg1987


      Me too - where are they ? :(

    3. rebelhearter
  4. rebelhearter

    Thank you!
  5. The audio needs to surface asap at least
  6. rebelhearter

    Thank you guys!! I've just downloaded it and this is perfect and exactly what I needed, much love
  7. rebelhearter

    Hey everyone!! I'm quite new here, so I put this in off topic forums because its not that relevant to General M Discussion. I would love to know what software you guys use to load a full stem set into and play it back/mute some tracks etc. I have Audacity and it worked the first time with a few of my stems and then it decided it wasn't gonna have it anymore and I can't open the Audacity file which had all the stems loaded in there. I was going to ask anyway, since Audacity is quite chunky too, and surely there is software out there that displays all the tracks in a more compact form. Soooo, what software do you people like to use for playing around with stems or multitracks?