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  1. Love this. I remember the first time Sleeping with the Enemy came on, my mum said how much this sounds like Massive Attack. I forgot about that until now. Thanks!
  2. Why is someone leaking all of these all of a sudden? Either way - these are multitracks from ProTools, not your average 'stems'. I don't have ProTools, so in the programs I usually use for stems I would have to line up all these tracks myself
  3. can anyone find this for me!?
  4. Looking for these too! Funnily enough, that page is using the fanmade remixes cover I made up. Lol.
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    Thank you!!!
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    thank you!
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    Thanks! Seeing Katy in August 18 <3
  8. I'm getting a password lock upon extracting the file, what's the password? EDIT: Silly me, I never read the OP properly.