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  1. @bubuchuWas there any alternative version of "Golden" (I mean the song)?
  2. Thank you. I love this song.
  3. WOW! Thank You so much! I'm gonna love it. I love everything Kylie. Is "Under the influence of love" demo, uhmmm... "on a wishlist?" "Butterfly" demo made my day - It's one of my favorite songs from "Light Years" album, especially the fan-made extended version. I rediscovered that album 2 years ago, and I'm so in love with it. I love that disco theme and Kylie's vocals. From KMO my number one song is always gonna be... "Into the blue"... It catches my heart, soul and brain. And I don't care about who wrote that song. It just gives me those shivers...
  4. frozen78

    @bubuchuCould you, please share the "Under the influence of love" demo? I love that album and would love anything unreleased from it. Also instrumentals...
  5. Ok, sorry then... But they are not released on the CD from 1995 anymore? Anyways... if someone has rips from the CD and wants to share them, feel free to PM them to me. Kisses and hugs!
  6. Does anyone have this: ? It's mispress, so should be allowed to be shared here, right? I'd love to have digital versions of : remix and dub...
  7. "Bad rips" are better than nothing.
  8. I'm definitely with you! Some people don't understand why we need the songs of our favorite artists in their "disassembled" form. But they don't have to understand. And we don't have to explain. A true fan will always get the point. :-)
  9. No, this is the only one I have...
  10. Some random stuff for you: ABBA - Dancing queen [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] ABBA - Dancing queen [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] Katy Perry - Hey hey hey [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] Katy Perry - Hey hey hey [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] Katy Perry - Pendulum [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] Katy Perry - Pendulum [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] Katy Perry - Witness [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] Katy Perry - Witness [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] Kelly Clarkson - Because of you [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] Kelly Clarkson - Because of you [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] Paola & Chiara - Pioggia d'estate [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] Paola & Chiara - Pioggia d'estate [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] Sandra - Around my heart (1988) [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] Sandra - Around my heart (1988) [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] The Saturdays - 808 [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] The Saturdays - 808 [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] The Saturdays - Lease my love [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] The Saturdays - Lease my love [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] The Saturdays - Leave a light on [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] The Saturdays - Leave a light on [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content] Whigfield - Givin' all my love [ karaoke].mp3 [Hidden Content] Whigfield - Givin' all my love [ vocals].mp3 [Hidden Content]
  11. After about 2 listenings I also started to wonder if this version was different to the one that's been included on the CD version of the album. The mastering is different (but that's obvious if we compare the cd and the vinyl track). I haven't really noticed any differences in terms of mixing/production. The vinyl version isn't more acoustic at all. I think that both versions are the same. But, still I am grateful to @scottyj for beeing so brave and generous, and giving us the chance to hear this song in HQ. <hugs&kisses>
  12. That's very generous, @scottyj. Thank you very much! Some people don't buy vinyl albums because they don't have vinyl players... Does the rest of the songs sound the same as on the CD edition?
  13. frozen78

    Kylie Minogue

    I have to admit that at some point there was a PWL Kylie for me... I enjoyed her music back then, but I skipped 1993-1999 years somehow. I was concentrated on Madonna only. 2000 brought such an amazing Kylie's album, which I truly and deeply discovered 2 years ago... "Light Years" is a real gem in KM's discography. But one has to grow up to it, indeed.