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  1. Rollifotti

    I want her mysterious like rihanna for w magazine 😍
  2. Rollifotti

    At least the sung s's dont hurt like shit anymore, since MDNA
  3. Rollifotti

    How about the digital retouch going off and on at 00:27 - 00:31 in Living For Love video
  4. Rollifotti

    Lets not forget that Celebration was also poorly mixed and they had plenty of time.
  5. Rollifotti

    Tired of the relegion and revolution stuff
  6. Rollifotti

    Predictable since 2008
  7. Rollifotti

    thx lets see
  8. Rollifotti

    she should stay away from directing movies, W.E was horrible to watch. its already hard enough that there is always a 3-4 years gap between each album...
  9. Rollifotti

    Its still there. Just checked it
  10. Rollifotti

    I think she likes him a lot by now. Like she called him out at the LVL Performance "come.on pharell"
  11. Rollifotti

    If she had enough time she could do x-things in the meantime, IMO.
  12. Rollifotti

    Well, both require time, so not really if we are talking about the albums quality
  13. Rollifotti

    But she might be under livenation deadline pressure because of her contract.
  14. Rollifotti

    I got the same feeling with mdna 😭
  15. Rollifotti

    Next thread: "I can't believe she DID THAT...."