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  1. valinecode

    Girl gone wild, Turn up the radio, Give me all your luvin', I don't give a ...., I'm a sinner, Masterpiece, Falling free and MDNA remixes and MDNA tour.
  2. Pettibone, Betts, Austin, Hall, Babyface, Stuart, Gad, Dean, Dj Dahi, Diplo.
  3. valinecode

    Care Is Not a Crime Even Her Skin Care Not
  4. valinecode

    Think of me Pretender White Heat Love Song Back in business Dance 2night I'm addicted Inside out
  5. valinecode

    I Believe in the Power of Living for Love (BR.A.VE MIX)!7hJHjD5B!rvzGQMPrjRflVlUVX9i7f3cVa4Lepu2Vqpp_9vrsBIQ Living for Love vs Rescue Me (Skin Bruno MashUp)!K9ZSHbYI!xrnhlU6o5fiebP_c-_jHRv3xIEmIS1u7ArOjhndG0eQ
  6. Sorry... like a prayer is fanmade by madonnaglam
  7. And like a prayer sticky and sweet, don't cry for me argentina dwt, what it feels like rmx dwt.
  8. Unplugged s.e.x. 320 is not new... Others sounds like old demos... There is nothing new under the sun.
  9. valinecode

    I saw uncensored Erotica on MTV after 10pm in 1994. I watched with my mother and Madonna hitchhiked nude.
  10. Maybe mean Twins of (Rebel ​= Madonna) ... RebelsTwins or Rebels / Twins (Rebels and Twins too) ... RebelsTwins or maybe... wrong Rebel​ Twins
  11. valinecode

    Yes, but reductive is.... so inspiring
  12. valinecode

    Sinner - orbit demo - Jean-Baptiste vox Love Spent - orbit demo - Priscilla Hamilton vox Some girls - orbit demo - Klas Ahlund vox (or Bebe Rexha) Radio - martin demo - Sunday Girl vox Info - mdna page wikipedia or
  13. valinecode

    Amazing Live Vocals ! ! !
  14. valinecode

    I like GRILLZ... It's very Dita Comedy