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    It's ironic that you speak of keeping the conversation respectful & professional, when you're throwing unwarranted shade at Madonna by calling her "careless & lazy in both her shape & creation". How rude are you??? Madonna is an ever evolving person. You can't say "Is it time to say goodbye to the Madonna we know?". Is the Madonna of 1984 the same Madonna as who she was in 1986. Or is the Madonna we knew in 1990 the same we knew in 1996? Or is 1998 Madonna the same as the Madonna we saw in 2015?? No. She's multi-faceted, but she's still MADONNA. I think you need to show her a bit more respect, and let go of this notion of what YOU think Madonna *should* be.
  2. Thanks, but both uploads say the rar is damaged, and they won't open or extract.
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