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  1. I hate saying anything bad about M but that pic with the glitter on her face is just not a good pic. IMO
  2. rebelheart29

    it looks good! the actress that plays her looks a lot like M in the early days.
  3. rebelheart29

    it's working for me.
  4. rebelheart29

    I love her new hair style with the cute braids.
  5. a sequel to Music would be awesome!
  6. i'm glad she's back to blonde again.
  7. rebelheart29

    You said Rocco reminds you to much of his father which is trash.
  8. rebelheart29

    ITA. just like people don't know Madonna in real life either. And to say that her kid is trash is just awful even if it's their own opinion. BTW: Rocco is 18 years old now. lol
  9. lol I heard F donald trump he's a shit. the rest i couldn't understand.
  10. rebelheart29

    oh ok.
  11. rebelheart29

    I would die without fish well i can do without octopus. lol
  12. rebelheart29

    Yes... I want those on BR too. Specially who's that girl!
  13. rebelheart29

    they can't eat meat or dairy? i'm not that familiar with kosher meals.
  14. rebelheart29

    LOL I love how she was a bitch in the end. is the BR good quality since it was 1993?