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  1. lol I heard F donald trump he's a shit. the rest i couldn't understand.
  2. rebelheart29

    oh ok.
  3. rebelheart29

    I would die without fish well i can do without octopus. lol
  4. rebelheart29

    Yes... I want those on BR too. Specially who's that girl!
  5. rebelheart29

    they can't eat meat or dairy? i'm not that familiar with kosher meals.
  6. rebelheart29

    LOL I love how she was a bitch in the end. is the BR good quality since it was 1993?
  7. rebelheart29

    the MDNA tour blu-ray is such bad quality very grainy as people have said. RH is crystal clear as my other movies etc.
  8. rebelheart29

    who originally posted this?
  9. rebelheart29

    This at the moment.
  10. rebelheart29

    this will be interesting! The actress really looks like her in certain scenes specially with dark short hair.
  11. rebelheart29

    I can just think of one for now. I would ask her what is the meaning of the song "Act of Contrition"? I have always wondered about this song. specially when she says what do you mean it's not in the computer? and maybe ask her what keeps her going? when she has to deal with so much hate and criticism.
  12. rebelheart29

    I wish falling free and love spent would of been made a single's and maybe if she had done video's for those.
  13. rebelheart29

    Madonna and Gypsy
  14. Oh. I know! But you have to give her the benefit of the doubt they asked to do this at the last minute so she was probably pressured. and I know i would be to! it's partly MTV's fault I do think in a way she was set up. and it's just not this event I have seen so much hate not just from haters either. But I understand everyone has different opinions and views.