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  1. rebelheart29

    Me too! I never thought we would get an official video because it was VIP and the only way to of seen it was if you bought tickets. Thank you Madonna she is so good to her fans.
  2. rebelheart29

    I agree. why do people have to complain and nitpick at everything? We should be glad she shared it something we would probably never see... The editing really doesn't bother me.
  3. rebelheart29

    Happy Birthday to our beautiful Queen! I can't believe she is 60.
  4. No. i really wasn't. Thanks for explaining I really love Cher's new song.
  5. rebelheart29

    Happy 18th Birthday Rocco! I can't believe how fast he grew up. I'm glad he and Madonna are close again and you can see how much he loves her.
  6. No.. not a joke, I don't understand that much how Cher could use part of the background music of "hung up".
  7. I love the "Gimmie Gimmie" song did Cher have to get permission from Madonna to use the background music from hung up?
  8. she's so damn beautiful... she looks like she's 20. LOL
  9. rebelheart29

    I doubt it. They have pads you can put on to make your butt more firm and their's also a treatment. Her butt is nowhere as big as KK.
  10. rebelheart29

    this is so sweet and wonderful.
  11. rebelheart29

    oh yea, i am. oh ok the boat video i have seen that! it's so funny.
  12. rebelheart29

    the link doesn't work.
  13. I wouldn't mind a reality TV show. Showing her life in lisbon family, and music. We would see her more often!
  14. Lol where are my heels? I can't go in with my sliders. I call them flip flops.