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  1. no, it could be better with fresher ideas as it was from '00 to '05
  2. into the erotico

  3. into the erotico

    * no, it didn't look normal at all! In order for you to apologize for her you present to us only 28 seconds of this atrocious Madonna appereance. What i founf down right scary was her evil eyes when she laughed..
  4. into the erotico

  5. into the erotico

    she was a bit chubby if you look closer at Moscino event
  6. into the erotico

    * thank you Can you please tell us more?
  7. I do not like it at all. To me, it is staged as hell and Madonna comes across as a cold hearted narcist.. the worst part for me - apart from the bottle one- is when the three of them, Madonna, Nicky and Donna, come to terms with the rape of a young woman, a part of the crew.. they are pigs..
  8. '...Madonna with a 10 minutes speech steals her thunder..' indeed, but with not a good reason...
  9. Madonna is a narcisist. She only loves herself and her accompishments
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  11. into the erotico

    'Just she was doing it more discreetly' - can you please explain me more ? I am not being sarcastic