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  1. The results will be revealed next sunday (November 18th). Hour has yet to be decided!
  2. Only one week left to vote! We are at 40 submissions right now!
  3. Only two days in, and I already have received 28 submissions! You're amazing, let's keep going! :)
  4. I do consider it as a "real" album as well, but officially it just isn't, which is why it was removed for this particular game.
  5. Hi everyone and welcome to this new game where we'll establish a definitive ranking of Madonna's discography! Since my last game was a total flop (the ones about her unreleased songs), I decided to do a game that would be more accessible and, as such, more entertaining! Doing this will keep us waiting a little bit until M14 comes out! Here are the rules: -Send me your vote by PM before November 10th. -Rank every Madonna album in this order: favorite (#1) to least favorite (#13). -Comments are allowed. -I'm Breathless is not included, as it is not considered as part of the "official albums". Hope you'll be a lot participating this time! Good luck!
  6. Curtains

    This is now corrected thanks to Infinity's staff!
  7. Hi everyone and welcome to the Unreleased Songs (Rebel Heart) Megarate! While we're waiting for M14 to come out, I was thinking we could do this fun game, which will be in the same vein as the one I did make last year for all her discography. It is now time to rate Madonna's Unreleased Songs! Due to the high number of unreleased songs from the Rebel Heart era, I decided to focus on those for now in order to make it less tedious and the results more enjoyable! A second part of the game, featuring her pre-2010 unreleased songs, will be up later on if this one is successful enough! Tracks to rate: Rules: Make sure to know each song included in the Megarate. Rate each song from 1 to 10. Decimals are allowed only up to the hundredth. You are allowed to give the score 0 to one song and 11 to one other song (OPTIONAL). Send your rates to me by personal messenger before October 13th. Hope you'll be a lot participating! Good luck!
  8. Who's That Girl video reaction! ;)
  9. Sisley reacted to La Isla Bonita's music video.
  10. Sisley reacted to Open Your Heart's music video!
  11. Sisley just reacted to True Blue's music video!
  12. Sisley just reacted to Papa Don't Preach's music video!
  13. She just reacted to Live to Tell's music video! Check it out!