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  1. Janinno Salazar

    Here is my own version of celebration, I would have included three cd's although it is really hard to condense so many success in two cd's ...
  2. Janinno Salazar

    Borderline... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSaC-YbSDpo
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    richmonsoon, GhostOrchid,RobbyXPeacock Please can you share? I have not heard it. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance. Janinno Salazar.
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    thanks Candy Perfume Boy
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  6. Hawaii-Bombay are two paradises That sometimes I ride on my floor Hawaii-Bombay are what there are not Hawaii-Bombay lying on my hammock Hawaii-Bombay I play a rattle

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    I don't know how to use the two 16 and 24 bit audio formats. I have the theory that the 24 bits are tracks that were remastered, but to enhance the audio quality a little more volume and have something like a compilation with the same quality features in volume and beats something like equalize the audio Analogues of the 80's, the digital ones of the 90's and some of the 00's. That's what I think. As for the HDCD format when playing it in my component warns me that it will change to the 32-bit audio card in order to play this CD. Appearing the mark for that format, but when playing tracks like 4 Minutes, Miles Away, Beautiful Stranger, etc ... again returns to the 16 bits. So I realized that the disk is not completely on HDCD.
  8. Janinno Salazar