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  1. Yes, but she's not miming, she's singing live over it, and very, very loudly.
  2. Drowned World Tour: Generally live. Ray of Light and Music lipped in Barcelona for one show only. Sky Fits Heaven mimed always. NO songs were sung live over a backing track. What you hear is pre-recorded backing vocals and Donna&Nikki. There are NO backing lead vocals eg. from CT onwards. Re-Invention Tour: As above, all LIVE songs were sung live without lead vocal assistance. There was literally NO lead backing tape on most songs. The only songs lip synched were, Vogue, Nobody Knows Me, American Life (partially), Die Another Day,Papa Don't Preach and Into The Groove (most shows). The rest were totally live, no backing tracks, as the Lisbon show attests to.
  3. Okay I'm sorry but that list (in the nicest way possible) is a crock of shite. I can't believe I'm doing this, but to be honest, I've nothing to do this morning... so let me give you a correct list, from somebody with a pretty sharp ear for layers in live music. The Virgin Tour: Sung Totally Live Who's That Girl Tour: Sung Totally Live (I've heard rumours previously that backing tracks were used, it's incorrect). Blond Ambition Tour: Express Yourself - Live over a backing track some shows, mimed on others. Open Your Heart - Live, the pre-chorus and chorus has a backing track underneath. Causing A Commotion - Live, the pre-chorus and chorus has a backing track underneath. Where’s The Party - Generally lip synched, live on some shows over a track. Like A Virgin - Live Like A Prayer - Live. There are taped elements under the live vocals in places eg. Nicki's solo. Medley: Live To Tell / Oh Father - Live Papa Don’t Preach - Live, the pre-chorus and chorus has a backing track underneath (it was NEVER lip synched). Sooner Or Later - Live Hanky Panky - Live Now I’m Following You - Self explanatory. Material Girl - Live, chorus has a backing track underneath. Cherish Live - the pre-chorus and chorus has a backing track underneath. Into The Groove - Live, the pre-chorus and chorus has a backing track underneath. Vogue - Generally lip synched. Live vocals on some shows. Holiday - Live Keep It Together - Live The Girlie Show Erotica - Lip synched. A few shows have the occasional live vocal. ​Fever - Live some nights, mimed on others. Vogue - As above, generally lip synched. Rain - Live Express Yourself - Live, backing track in chorus. Deeper and Deeper - Live Why's It So Hard - Live In This Live - Live Like a Virgin - Live Bye Bye Baby - Lip synched mostly I'm Going Banans - Waste of time La Isla Bonita - Live Holiday - Live Justify My Love - Lip synched except the last 30 seconds or so, NOT sung live over the track. Everybody - Live (backing track at Wembley if I recall correctly).
  4. Also, I'm a Sinner was NOT lip synched, neither was Candy Shop on MDNA.
  5. Some of this is way off, I have to say the original post is wrong regarding post GS. DWT: All live except Sky Fits Heaven was mimed. Ray of Light was mimed on Opening Night, as was Nobody's Perfect. No pre-recorded backing vocals, just live backing singers. RIT: Mimed = Vogue, Nobody Knows Me, American Life (partially), Die Another Day, Papa Don't Preach (after the first few), Into The Groove (after the first few). Live backing vocals (to an extent). CT: Future Lovers (except opening night), Get Together (Mimed in Fresno only), Jump (partially mimed), Sorry, Music (many shows), Erotica, La Isla Bonita (Fresno only), Lucky Star (most shows), Hung Up (most European/Japanese shows). S&S: All live, most songs with pre-recorded backing vocals, except Give It 2 Me which was mimed on some shows, as well as the first verse of Into The Groove. Four Minutes was NEVER lip synched. MDNA: About half of the show. Rebel Heart: Bitch I'm Madonna (kinda), Devil Pray (loud track), Music (live but barely), Unapologetic Bitch (live but barely), Holiday (possibly lip synched, sounds nothing like the rest of the concert).
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    The CT Rome leaks leaked in 2007 and have been available freely online since then. I've seen them posted a thousand times. But it's only 3 songs.
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    Atlanta is by far the best recording.
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    nvm You'd have to be a fool to buy this stuff. It's ridiculous and it's SO wrong.