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  1. Was it my brain that inserted the screaming evil beaver muppet or was that really there? I don't want to be seeing this randomly through my day.
  2. Semtex1

    According to that trailer it's "comming soon". Incorrect spelling just cheapens it
  3. Semtex1

    Domino's Pizza are using Holiday for their TV advert. Don't know why I felt the need to create a topic but unlike my pizza, I felt like sharing.
  4. Semtex1

    At least it's a full 2 hours with no advert breaks. woohoo
  5. For everyone in the UK that doesn't already know this...Rebel Heart Tour on TV tonight at 10:30pm BBC2.
  6. Oh it's there alright. Once it's released however, that's it and you know it. "Once you have it all, you will find all else a bore..."
  7. First of all i,m so sorry for everything bad that happened to you and your family. I hope in time things will get better for you. I think the Rebel Heart theme was about celebrating love. The fact that she was pretending to drink every night was done to wind up the media who were criticising her for being drunk on stage. Alcohol isn't always bad and like most things in moderation. Throughout her career she has tackled every subject I can think of, including domestic violence, racism, sexism, homophobia and ageism. I see why you have this opinion but one thing you should have learned from her is that nobody but nobody will ever tell her what to do. You say she should move on but maybe it's time that you did the same and as some wise person once sang "don't hang your s.h.i.t on me"
  8. Semtex1

    When you're booking acts years in advance, you have to be sure they're still going to be around, both physically and still in the public eye. Madonna I would suggest is a safe bet and can still draw crowds in with that back catalogue that cannot be beaten by anyone else.
  9. So Glastonbury's 50th Anniversary is gradually approaching in 2020. I,ve just read that Madonna would be the perfect act, in fact the only legendary act that could headline, and the owner has just started following her on Instagram. Coincidence ?
  10. Semtex1

    At that very moment you were listening to the radio 1 broadcast, I was in a taxi with my mates going from the pub in Bexley to a club, and the taxi driver had it on in the cab. I didn't want to get out. I had forgotten to record it and never thought I,d hear it again...until I found the bootleg LP
  11. Semtex1

    I love this. Can I use your questions ? I,m not a teacher.
  12. Semtex1

    Perfect. I couldn't help myself but get Madonna's work in the talk somehow.
  13. Semtex1

    It's for 14 to 18 year olds. I,ll probably have to get someone to cut out the n-word. I was more worried about the legality of playing it without permission from Warner or whoever owns it