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  1. Dashfox

    I guess she will perform the new songs and the classics in the Liberation Tour. I dont believe she will sing any Bionic or Lotus songs, but songs like Candyman (From Back to Basics) have some chance, my thoughts.
  2. Dashfox

    Blocked in my country too, but you tried the Christina Aguilera official channel? I watched there but separated in parts (music), amazing performance btw
  3. Dashfox

    Can't wait to put my hands in the new album!!!
  4. Dashfox

    Awesome, love the texts But to be honest, ALL Madonna vynils are a must have for the fans like us! =D .
  5. Dashfox

    Hard to predict, Madonna is a box of mistery and surprises!
  6. Anyone have the new documentary about Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami ? But plz, not Torrent or Mega I love Grace and I'm anxious to watch this doc!
  7. Dashfox

    One of my favourite singers, Grace is Iconic!
  8. Dashfox

  9. Dashfox

    Welcome! Here you can find lots of stuff about Madonna, please enjoy
  10. Dashfox

    Definitely Blond Ambition! A fierce name and best tour in my opinion.
  11. Dashfox

    Let's just wait, I have faith this new album will rocks!
  12. Dashfox

    Beautiful Game.....