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  1. Unless this is true, what do you think my chances of finding a sealed one are?
  2. Turuncan

    Bought FIY and LTAL as well as “The Colour of My Love” and “These Are Special Times”. Now I will complete my Pet Shop Boys collection by buying the missing four albums before heading to Nightwish. Gosh, music collection truly makes me broke!
  3. Turuncan

    I always fantasized she going on a tour in 1997 in support of “Bedtime Stories”, “Something to Remember”, and “Evita”, at the expense of delaying the release of “Ray of Light” for a few months. I am pretty sure such a tour would be the most beloved by many, especially the fans of the ‘90s Madonna. 😍
  4. Turuncan

    Yeah darling, one album sold better than her debut, you completely invalidated the whole argument, horraaaaaayyy!
  5. Turuncan

    Yet again, she was an unknown name then and those releases had limited promotion if not none. Warner wasn’t even sure if they were gonna let Madonna release a full length album. So the lower peaks of ‘Bad Girl’, ‘Human Nature’, and ‘Nothing Really Matters’ to name a few, seem worse compared to her first two singles, especially given that Madonna was extremely famous and the preceding singles from the parent albums of these ones were highly successful as well. But again, I specified the possible reasons and creativity- and attitude-wise she was at the top of her game.
  6. Turuncan

    Exactly. And took more risks and after a certain point, almost abandoned the American mainstream.
  7. Turuncan

    Probably because after a certain age fans care about nothing but oldies. She broke records for charting atop in different decades, but her last album of original material that charted at #1 was in 1997. By the way, I absolutely adore Barbra. She is a true artist in many different forms of art. The album is great, she is outspoken and truthful, and she looks absolutely stunning on the cover.
  8. Turuncan

    As an answer to the title question, I will look from a different perspective. I completely agree with all the ageism and relevancy ideas, and Madonna is not the only icon suffering this. However, I start to think that maybe in the eyes of today’s youth, her works are not as iconic as it takes to be still remembered after all these years. Same goes for Janet Jackson, Prince, George Michael, Elton John, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie etc. I mean, come on, they listen to Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, all those trashy K-Pop bands, and even Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry started to flop, let alone Beyonce, Britney, Christina etc. whereas Justin Bieber seems nowhere to be found. They consume these products so quickly. On the other hand, MJ will always have his moonwalk, ‘Smooth Criminal’, stage presence, ‘Thriller’ video and his record for the best selling album ever, Whitney and Celine their signature movie songs, and Mariah her Christmas song. No one even knew what Michael and Whitney released before their death, and no one cares about Celine’s and Mariah’s new music albeit how good they are. The new generation probably would not know much about Queen if it wasn’t for the movie, and I seriously doubt many of them can name one song of Beatles or Elvis, even though they know their names, and in Elvis’ case, the image. In addition to all of these, Madonna might be “too gay” for many straight boys and yet-closeted gays. So, of course the kids know who Madonna is, but they either “hate” her because it is “cool to do so” or many of them have no idea about her career.
  9. Turuncan

    Still, singles-wise she did not have the same success in the ‘90s as she had in the ‘80s. In the ‘80s she had just one Top 20 song, that being ‘Oh Father’. In the ‘90s, however, third/fourth/fifth... singles started to peak at the lower places in the charts, as opposed to all her ‘80s studio albums, and soundtracks. I think the backlash to her “Erotica” and “Sex” era also add to that image of being less successful. And all her ‘80s albums outsold her ‘90s albums as well. So, critically she was much better and she took more risks, I’ll give to that. But commercially, her ‘80s era was unquestionably more successful.
  10. Turuncan

    I hardly listen to new stuff, find today’s music mostly rubbishy, and barely know any new artists (That’s part of becoming an old chestnut I guess). So, I stick to the compilation albums I designed for the artists I like, most of whom are from ‘80s and ‘90s: Madonna, Mariah, Michael, Janet, Celine, Kylie, Whitney, Shania, Spice Girls, Jennifer, Britney, Christina, George etc. These are the mp3s on my phone, which are ripped from my CDs. There are very few studio albums on my phone, and when I want to listen to an album, I find Spotify’s premium membership highly helpful. Other than that, ever since moving to Athens, I have discovered great music stores from which I buy lots of records, CDs, and even a few cassettes. So every month when I am paid, I rush to those places. I just bought a sealed Greek release of Whitney Houston’s “Whitney” album in vinyl format today! And as much as I love keeping them in great shape, I love listening to my albums as well. So I went with four options.
  11. Turuncan

    Yeah, sure, no hate from me, either. In fact there is not one song I truly dislike from her 1980s catalogue. 😇
  12. Turuncan

    I guess I am the only one who does not understand why ‘Borderline’ is liked so much. I really find this song mediocre.
  13. Turuncan

    Unless it is “Celebration” re-issue, or debut releases of “GHV2” and “Evita”, I don’t care.
  14. Turuncan

    Wow, you are a collector, aren’t you? I can feel you, babe!
  15. Turuncan

    Drowned World. Such a classic!