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  1. Turuncan

    Wow, you are a collector, aren’t you? I can feel you, babe!
  2. Turuncan

    Drowned World. Such a classic!
  3. Turuncan

    On this day 95 years ago, my country, Republic of Turkey was founded. 🇹🇷 Happy birthday to Turkey!
  4. Turuncan

    Cher just announced that “Believe” will be released on vinyl!
  5. Turuncan

    Kylie Minogue

    I still wish ‘Sincerely Yours’ was the next single from “Golden”. This song has a very special place in my heart as the lyrics completely tell the story of me and my boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. 😕
  6. Turuncan

    The same reason why ‘Feels like Home’, ‘Last Night a DJ Saved My Life’, ‘Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit’, ‘Toop Toop’, ‘Doli Doli’ etc were included: To create versatility. I would like to see more of ‘Rain’ instead of another artist’s song though. ‘Rain’ is my favorite Madonna song ever and it had not been performed live since The Girlie Show.
  7. Turuncan

    Just when dreams come true 😍😍
  8. Turuncan

    Amazing album! Probably just the gayest thing ever! 😍
  9. Turuncan

    No worries, I still have to pay around 400 Euros for a sealed one. I will save some money for it later.
  10. Turuncan

    I must have been out of my mind writing this!! I was clearly referring to “The First Album”, not an unreleased album! I don’t know what I was thinking, sorry!
  11. Turuncan

  12. Turuncan

    Thanks for letting me know!!
  13. Turuncan

    Pure, unadultered crap. Nothing to defend or like about it from my point of view. ‘Love Spent’ and ‘Falling Free’ are the only average songs that could have been much better with a better production. ‘Girl Gone Wide’ is not that bad either, but with a completely new sound. I try not to remember that she actually released this thing. Not an album, a thing. The end.
  14. Turuncan