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  1. MadonnasPussy

    Let us send Madonna some flowers to put her in a better mood:
  2. MadonnasPussy

    Agreed...It would have worked better as two themes....something like: Rebel 1. Bitch I'm Madonna 2. Illuminati 3. Hold Tight 4. Back That Up (Do It) 5. Unapologetic Bitch 6. Iconic 7. Body Shop 8. Holy Water 9. S.E.X. 10. Best Night 11. Addicted 12. Veni Vidi Vici Heart 1. Rebel Heart 2. Living For Love 3. Ghosttown 4. Devil Pray 5. Borrowed Time 6. Joan of Arc 7. Inside Out 8 . Beautiful Scars 9. HeartBreakCity 10. Messiah 11. Wash All Over Me 12. Queen
  3. WHY does she continue with movies?!? NOBODY CARES!! Give us more MUSIC!!!! Ughh!

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    2. jump8


      I personally loved what she did with W.E. - so if she continues in that direction, I'm happy. And don't worry, she's a multitasker, so she's probably working on some music too :)

    3. Guest


      What's the big deal? It's not like she's abandoned music for them. It's another interest for her. Don't you have interests other than what brings in the bread and butter or what you're best at? In fact, I expect her to get more into directing and/or writing films since her music career is wavering from mainstream popularity.


    4. BringUrLUV


      as long as she doesn't try to record the next album whilst working on the film. Didn't work so well w/ MDNA & W.E.

      maybe a song for the soundtrack tho.