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  1. YASSS! ITZ is my favorite, and this song is still iconic <3 Thank you so much for your kind words
  2. MadgeSlave

    Lmao the remaster features noise reduction. Those ''noises'' you guys are talking about are probably enhancements
  3. MadgeSlave

    It's a remastered file from a casette tape, the creator made a good job. It's the best we have for now tho
  4. Just to let Britney fans know that BO didn't upload a lossless rip, but a Soundcloud one!

    In the official thread, I've posted a remasterization of these files, with AMAZING quality ❤️ Hope you enjoy it and forgive me for this little ''advertisement'' lmao

    1. discohub


      a remaster of a soundcloud rip ???

  5. MadgeSlave

    For those thinking Britney Online uploaded a lossless format, no! They've uploaded a 3MB SoundCloud rip file! 😂😋
  6. MadgeSlave

    Actually there's a girl on YT with the files already, the owner of the cassete gave them to her. Here it is guys. Remastered, WAV, 80MB, the three songs. Streaming & download: [Hidden Content] @addictedsober Don't believe me?
  7. MadgeSlave

    But it's a rip from a cassete. The same with The Rain Tapes, doesn't hurt enhance the quality.
  8. MadgeSlave

    Hm, met a guy who's remastering these 3 demos. He's going to enhance the quality.
  9. Same! I love LiveXLive HD rips, I've been looking for that version for some time now. Unfortunately, we just have this good HDTV rip from Sic Radical, a Portuguese channel.
  10. I'm so sorry guys, Mediafire is completely trash. I've uploaded again, this time turned out to be OneDrive. Much more safer ❤️Again, sorry and enjoy it! Link is now updated.
  11. Here it is. This is a good russian Britney website with 3 different formats of this documentary. [Hidden Content]
  12. Hmm, not sure why this is off. I'm uploading this again, this time on MEGA. Mediafire is trash
  13. This is the 1080p Full HD TV Rip file from Demi's concert. With 50 frames per second and with good quality audio! The video quality itself is beyond amazing! INFO Resolution: 1920x1080 50fps Duration: 1:13:39 Size: 3GB SCREENSHOTS [via One Drive] Check my audio edit of this show! Please, don't forget to react ❤️ It took me forever to upload this file.
  14. Can anyone help me with some design stuff? I suck in Photoshop 😪