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  1. This gif, I'm laughing so hard


  2. Imogen Heap has REALLY amazing songs

  3. MadgeSlave

    What album? Why facebook?
  4. Fighting Spirit, Forbidden Love, Get Together, Jump and Sorry are awesome!
  5. Poppy's new album is LIT. The last two tracks are awesome and the one with Garibay is wonderful. She deserves more recognition! ♥️♥️

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    2. MadgeSlave


      @RUADJAII love Robyn, but Honey was disappointing. 

    3. Fontainebleau


      I gave Poppy's album a good listen and I think it's good! Especially the songs 'Aristocrat' and 'Play Destroy'! So thanks for introducing me to a new artist.

      I like Robyn's album as well actually... :Madonna003:

    4. MadgeSlave


      @Fontainebleau UAU! Same as me! Aristocrat (the one I mentioned above) and Play Destroy are AWESOME :kiss: Thank you for taking the time to listen to the record! 

  6. MadgeSlave

    Happy B-Day Frank! Thank you so much for all your contributions, wishing you a wonderful day
  7. MadgeSlave

    Thank you guys so much! I'm so happy right now, thank you all for being so nice with me! ♥️♥️
  8. MadgeSlave

    All of her fans knew about the residency before the actual annoucement - the info leaked. Nappytabs will be her new choreographers, they were on Vegas yesterday
  9. 'If your parents think you're gay, then you're doing it right'

  10. She looks so beautiful! Can't wait for her collaboration with Pitbull.
  11. MadgeSlave

    Happy Birthday!
  12. MadgeSlave

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Introduced by Naomi Campbell, Janet performed last Saturday, September 29, at the Global Citizen Festival. She performed "What About", "Scream", "Together Again", "All For You", "Nasty", "Miss You Much", "Rhythm Nation" and finally, "Made For Now". Her performance was critically acclaimed: 1024x576_MP4_8099180927015273296.mp4
  14. MadgeSlave

    Happy Birthday!