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  1. I just received my copies and the poster is really, really huge. I knew it was gonna be big, but not that size! It's amazing.
  2. Enigmanotta

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew the story the behind the single cover used for Like A Prayer? What does the letters represent, who drew it, etc. Thanks!
  3. I didn't know that the 4:48 version of Burning Up was the original version. I refered to it as the "European" version because of that; "Burning Up" (Alternate Album Version) – 4:48, was used for the Vinyl edition of Madonna: The First Album, released in Europe in 1985. The same version was the b-side for the single "Angel" (1985) in the same countries". The "CD standard" Burning Up version is still the 3:45, I guess, since it's the most common one on CD, digital and streaming. I agree that it should be released on another media than vinyl, though. What I always found weird is that they pressed the 3:45 "CD standard" version of Burning Up instead of the 4:48 "original/alternate" version on the 180g vinyl from the 2016 reissues, but still pressed the 4:57 original version of Everbody instead of the 6:00 "CD standard" version. I'll receive the picture disc monday or tuesday. I'm just happy that I'll hopefully have both versions on vinyl.
  4. Oh my god, YES! I was going to order a vintage copy from Discogs but I couldn't find a VG++/NM/M that wasn't expensive, had a same quality cover/sleeve AND from a Canadian seller... The Holiday, CFY and Vogue mixes of TIC are my favourite versions of these songs, plus I'll finally get JML on vinyl. I can't wait!
  5. Does someone know which version of Burning Up is pressed on the Picture Disc? Is it the 3:45 one or the 4:45/European one that served as a b-side to Angel on a UK single release? Thanks! EDIT: I bought it anyways, no way I was letting that one go!
  6. Enigmanotta

    Hello, I was wondering if the RHT DVD/BR versions come with the single CD version or if it's the double CD one as the album? Thanks!
  7. Enigmanotta

    I wasn't aware of that since I tried to avoid any footage until the HQ release of the tour, thanks!
  8. Hello, While listening to the RHT live album, I noticed that on Burning Up, Madonna says the "arigato gozaima" japanese line. I was wondering if she used to say it during the majority of the song's performances? I remember that on the soundboard recordings that leaked a while ago from one of the japanese shows, she was saying it. I thought it was only because she was in Japan then, but it seems that no. Edit: On DYU/ITG, she says Barcelona instead of London... I'm starting to wonder if the audios were picked among her favourite performances worldwide and not only from the Sydney shows. Does somebody know if that's the case? Thanks!