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  1. luckystar1983

    The Power of Goodbye (Favorite) Drowned World/Substitute For Love Ray of Light Candy Perfume Girl Frozen Nothing Really Matters Sky Fits Heaven Little Star Mer Girl Swim Skin Shanti/Ashtangi To Have And Not To Hold (Least Favorite)
  2. luckystar1983

    I love her vocals on Live to Tell and Like a Prayer. <3
  3. luckystar1983

    Love Tried to Welcome Me (Favorite) Take a Bow Inside of Me Human Nature Bedtime Story Secret Sanctuary Forbidden Love Survival Don't Stop I'd Rather Be Your Lover (Least favorite)
  4. luckystar1983

    Like a Prayer (Favorite) Like a Virgin I'm Breathless True Blue The Immaculate Collection Bedtime Stories Madonna Something to Remember You Can Dance Erotica Ray Of Light Celebration Music GHV2 Remixed & Revisited American Life Rebel Heart Hard Candy Confessions on a Dance Floor MDNA (Least favorite)
  5. luckystar1983

    Waiting (Favorite) Thief of Hearts Rain Bad Girl Rain Deeper and Deeper Secret Garden Bye Bye Baby Fever Why's It So Hard Erotica In This Life Where Life Begins Did You Do It? (Least Favorite)
  6. luckystar1983

    Till Death Do Us Part (Favorite) Cherish Like a Prayer Express Yourself Spanish Eyes Keep It Together Dear Jessie Oh Father Promise to Try Love Song Act of Contrition (Least favorite)
  7. luckystar1983

    La Isla Bonita (Favorite) True Blue Open Your Heart Love Makes The World Go Round Live To Tell Papa Don't Preach White Heat Jimmy Jimmy Where's The Party (Least Favorite)
  8. luckystar1983

    Stay (Favorite) Pretender Material Girl Dress You Up Angel Over and Over Like a Virgin Love Don't Live Here Anymore Shoo-Bee-Doo (Least favorite)
  9. luckystar1983

    #1 (Holiday) is my favorite and #8 (Everybody) is my least favorite.
  10. luckystar1983

    Holiday Borderline I Know It Burning Up Lucky Star Think Of Me Physical Attraction Everybody
  11. luckystar1983

    I think that Pretender, Stay, White Heat, Till Death Do Us Part, and Love Tried To Welcome Me would've been good singles.
  12. luckystar1983

    Like a Prayer, I'm Breathless, The Immaculate Collection <3
  13. Those photos were taken during the filming of the Why She Disappeared interlude clip from the reputation tour. It would've made a great music video for Getaway Car though. I love that dress. <3
  14. Unfortunately it was only made a single in Australia/New Zealand. I think it wouldn't done well as a single in the US.
  15. luckystar1983

    She looks so gorgeous with darker color hair! I especially love these styles: her hair here was also very pretty though: