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  1. jemboy1973

    The picture for YCD is amazing. It wouldn't have been as striking with a white background.
  2. jemboy1973

    @Bitch I’m MadonnaThank you for this. Was Love Makes The World Go Round considered as the first song from True Blue or is that another myth?
  3. I liked to include the cancelled singles in my iTunes Madonna Singles playlist in the order where they should have been. Has anyone done a chronological order of what this would look like? Thank You
  4. jemboy1973

    I remember buying this soundtrack on import just for the title track by Bananarama as it wasn't released in the UK for some unknown reason. I've never yet watched the movie so didn't know Burning Up was in it. Its quite speeded up
  5. jemboy1973

  6. jemboy1973

    It should have been a single. I love it.