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  1. Dearly beloved, anyone who loves M is worthy of discussion and mention here on this forum. If that means briefly (for a couple of responses/pages) talking about Britney, Ariana, Miley, Kylie, Katy Perry, Kelly fucking Ripa, Glenn Close, and all the other kweens who have publicly expressed their adoration for her then one has to accept it will be part of the conversation one way or another. So NO. Not everybody here "does not care" for "another bitch." If you do not accept that notion, then you prob do not care for nor accept Madonna's legacy. Besitos!!!
  2. The reason why I stanned for Ari since 2013 is because she stans for M. I knew that back in 2012 lol
  3. Completely agree. And CAN WE NOT MENTION THAT NAME AGAIN please, at least not on this thread! Her and that other female rapper are nauseatingly overly-mentioned & deified. Let’s focus on M and other worthy POP music bitches yes?
  4. Why does Madonna's part remind me of this classic Looney Tunes cartoon!? LMAO Madonna is Elmer Fudd Ariana is Bugs
  5. cailohfornia

    I never go by the original album tracklist anymore. This gives Madonna's albums a whole new "feel" and "flow"
  6. so........ back to the current hot topic. ARIANA GRANDE! I have loved her since 2013 with the release of her debut "Yours Truly." Going with what many had said here, out of today's current pop landscape her voice (and Demi's imo) are the strongest and the most impactful. I have loved the fact that Ari and her mom (and brother Frankie) always have fangirled for M. Check out Ari during the 2015 Grammy's... she was such a stan -- she was even the first one to stand up and to give M an ovation right after the cloth was lifted up and M started singing! She's paid homage to M in the past with her covering "Vogue" during her last tour. Ari is def today's POP; bubble gum to soulful to dance to r&b! I am not even gonna argue about her talent -- just watch her videos imitating different artists and nailing all of them! And no... it's not only "teenagers" who listen to her. Most of them are my age. Ariana and I are both 25 and the age group of those who listen to her are more or less around that age + teenagers. So she can be teen pop, contemporary pop, as well as adult-contemporary. Her music is great tbh. So yeah... I support Ariana and M whatever they can come up with! It would be amazing exposure for Madonna once again to these "youngins" So let them slay henty! Also "Sweetener" comes out a day after M's birthday so more speculation/theories/craziness are up in the air! Yay!
  7. Ariana Grande is Cancer. New moon of Cancer stars today. July 12. Madonna did post that cryptic new moon of cancer thing Last night, Ariana announced GIAW to be released in 24 hours... aka today July 12.
  8. cailohfornia

    If we're talking about fantasizing about an M album, title and artwork and all... for years I have been wanting for her to make another alter ego album lol. Sonically it would be a mix of operatic vocals, Jewish influences, Gregorian chants, lush orchestras, & a Hispanic outer layer. Madonna: "MAGDALENA"
  9. @LiamI have a theory Madonna is paying all these artists like Ari to post stuff on their social media to keep the hype up lol! She's Madonna hahaha the ultimate fanbase troll LOL
  10. Ariana just announced "GOD IS A WOMAN" to be released tomorrow... in light of the Madonna rumors. Y'all ready to get your hopes up again??? GIAW ft. Madonna ("God" being Madonna lol) 😘
  11. Papi Drake has 7 fucking singles charting on Billboard's Hot 100 Top 10! A record breaker apparently, and righfully so. If I were a superficial chart-loving asshole, I'd say "YAS MADONNA MAKE THAT DRAKE COLLAB HAPPEN!" Lol!

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    2. Liam


      I actually think it's just a "thanks" for something personally. Possibly, a Birthday gift that just arrived as ARIANNA'S birthday was Just a couple of weeks back.

    3. Enrico


      I agree, although comparing him to Michael Jackson and his chart history is an insult. Having 7 singles on the chart at MJ's time was much different and much more difficult.

    4. Andymad


      I personally wouldn’t enjoy that collab. He seems like a great guy but I have zero interest in his music. Just not a fan.

  12. DRAKE is so fine. I hope he ends up as Madonna's final husband! Scorpio + Leo fire 😍
  13. Madonna ft. Ariana Grande is so long overdue.