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  1. Papi Drake has 7 fucking singles charting on Billboard's Hot 100 Top 10! A record breaker apparently, and righfully so. If I were a superficial chart-loving asshole, I'd say "YAS MADONNA MAKE THAT DRAKE COLLAB HAPPEN!" Lol!

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    2. Liam


      I actually think it's just a "thanks" for something personally. Possibly, a Birthday gift that just arrived as ARIANNA'S birthday was Just a couple of weeks back.

    3. Enrico


      I agree, although comparing him to Michael Jackson and his chart history is an insult. Having 7 singles on the chart at MJ's time was much different and much more difficult.

    4. Andymad


      I personally wouldn’t enjoy that collab. He seems like a great guy but I have zero interest in his music. Just not a fan.