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  1. Unapologetic-Jay

    @Fighter i need help. I can't access PMs and i get a 404 error Message whenever i try signing in. Sent from my LGMP450 using Tapatalk
  2. I like the one that sounds Identical to 'Vogue'
  3. Unapologetic-Jay

    Just because he did alot of songs, doesn't mean he is able to spend his money on someone else. Nobody is going to waste their time spending money on a song, waiting a few hours or so for a conversion to be finish and send it to you. If you need the 'Official Acapella', Just search it up online. YOU should be able to find it on the internet.
  4. Unapologetic-Jay

    You can convert any mp3's to Instrumental or acapella on phonicmind. Its $3.99 per track.
  5. Unapologetic-Jay

    Its 2018... Keep wishing. LOL
  6. Unapologetic-Jay

    Seriously!!! I come here for updates on m's new music, NOT DRAMA!!! CUT IT OUT Y'ALL.
  7. Unapologetic-Jay

    @Fighterthis belongs in the 'Other Artists' Section.
  8. Unapologetic-Jay