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  1. MadonnaXLB

    they also listed Be Careful (Madonna Version) Cook & Fuck (the song that she was supposed to perform it at a talking show) Crimes Of Passion (Leaked on Youtube) Goodbye To Innocence (released and demos of this song leaked) High Society (Leaked and it's an old song) LAUGH TO KEEP FROM CRYING (Leaked and it's an old song) LOVE ON THE RUN (Leaked and it's an old song) PALA TUTE (Known as Latte, Hard Candy outtake, you can find the full song on Youtube) Shine A Light (Leaked and it's an old song) Trust No Bitch
  2. MadonnaXLB

    we have from this CD: The Power Of Goodbye (demo)
  3. MadonnaXLB

    yes hope someone leaks the CD
  4. MadonnaXLB Rain Deeper & Deeper Bye Bye Baby You Are The One Shame In This Life Cheat (Drunk Girl) (Bad Girl demo) Goodbye To Innocence Actions Speak Louder Than Words Erotica Thief Of Hearts Jitterbug Why's It So Hard Secret Garden This Used To Be My Playground Are these the 15 tracks demos recorded for Erotica? Are there any new titles/unreleased other than Dear Father and love hurts recorded for that album How many tracks did she recorded for that album
  5. MadonnaXLB

    // Enjoy
  6. MadonnaXLB

    the upside down
  7. MadonnaXLB If anyone has jojo- don't give out my love (full) , DM me it
  8. Hello guys, please if someone can see my list of un-leaked and correct it or if anything leaks and I don't know about it. P.S.: I'm really exciting for that Demo Assembly to leak in full (all of it, the 14 tracks) Madonna Un.docx
  9. MadonnaXLB

    hello guys, however has the CD please leak it
  10. MadonnaXLB

    R.I.P. he is the one who helps her shine bright I hope his unreleased work with her from the first album get leaked
  11. MadonnaXLB

    audio request guys someone has a paypal account to please buy the assembley
  12. MadonnaXLB

    audio request

    where. give us his username in here
  13. MadonnaXLB

    audio request

    somebody else try and see it it works