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  1. MadonnaXLB

    hello guys, however has the CD please leak it
  2. MadonnaXLB

    yess I know. but i asked if someone has the songs and hasn't share them to DM me them
  3. hello, does someone in here has these two songs in full. if so Dm me the links
  4. Is this the full version of sanctuary


    1. Liam


      No! Someone edited the ending, repeating some of the vocals and sounds that closed the song.  It's poorly done as well.

  5. MadonnaXLB

    R.I.P. he is the one who helps her shine bright I hope his unreleased work with her from the first album get leaked
  6. MadonnaXLB

    @Ryder no i won't blame him. but try to convince him to leak them and thx in advance <3 <3
  7. MadonnaXLB

    who is it??
  8. MadonnaXLB

    @Ryder thank you so much for these infos
  9. MadonnaXLB

  10. MadonnaXLB

  11. MadonnaXLB

    @Enricothis is a original Madonna demo never released before. I Wish he has remastered unreleased LAP tracks like Angels With Dirty Faces
  12. MadonnaXLB

    and my profile pic from LAP dayss
  13. MadonnaXLB

    yesssss and another pic from the same shoot
  14. for me: Madonna: Physical Attraction Like A Virgin: Stay/Over & Over True Blue: White Heat Like A Prayer: Promise to try/ Till Death Do Us Part Erotica: Words/Thief of Hearts/Waiting/Why It's So Hard Bedtime Stories: Sanctuary/Survival/Love Tried to Welcome Me Ray Of Light: Sky Fits Heaven/Mer Girl/ Has To Be Music: Amazing/Impressive Instant/Runaway Lover American Life: Nobody Knows Me/Mother & Father Confessions on a dance floor: Future Lovers/Forbidden Love Hard Candy: Candy Shop/Beat Goes On/Heartbeat/Ring My Bell MDNA: I'm Addicted/Some Girls/Gang Bang/ Beautiful Killer Rebel Heart: Devil Pray/Iconic/Unapologetic Bitch/Addicted