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  1. In your opinion, what are the most important singles to Madonna's career (the crucial ones for her sucess and survival in the music industry/public eye)?
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    What are your favorite final performances?
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    What are your favorite tours titles?
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    Who am I? The same as you, someone entitled to his own opinion. Thanks for asking. Besides it, I'm Portuguese, so I know about her ins and outs of the country, and no, other than past tour dates, she didn't spend time in Portugal before. Long stays would have been noticed by the Media as it is a small country and news spread like fire out here. Here's the thing. It probalby was Dino who told her about it. Or Celeste, as it is something that the late lady lived through and he didn't. I just said that it was funny her choice of words "I always say...", cuz, like it or not, she doesn't always say it (if anything, she may have mention it in some talks only for a year or so), and yes, it sounded as if she coined the phrase. And be reminded that just because this forum is dedicated to her, doesn't make her immune to disagreement from the members' part.
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    What have music (other than fado) and athletics have do to with what I said? Lol What I said was that the three F's rule wasn't something created by M since she's been living in Portugal, so for her to say "I always say..." is funny and, well, disinformed, cuz its credit belongs to someone else. One can't go around saying "I always say... everybody, come on, dance and sing" or "I always say... the show is over, say good-bye"; the correct sentences would start with "Madonna always say...". So, in this case, the right way would be "Portuguese (people) always say...". Credit where credit is due. The three F's rule is probably the most well-known maxim among Portuguese people and it's been part of Portugal's culture way before Madonna even was born. In fact, the three F's rule is related to the Portuguese dictatorship years, as it was a mantra invented to distract and give a national identity while an authoritarian regime was rulling. Portugal ended-up adopting it after the regime's fall and turned it into a private joke. I highly doubt a foreigner knows about it, unless he/she studes some trivia about the country or, like probably in Madonna's case, some Portuguese person tells about that.
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    "I always say..." Well, she can say it, but some Portuguese person must have told her first lol. The three F's maxim have been around for so long, it remote to the early decades of the 20th Century, so she wasn't even born when it became a thing lol .
  7. La is a Spanish word, it does not exist in Portuguese lol. If anything, the wordplay could be "Madonna: A Vida Lisbonita!" (which could be translated as "Madonna: The Beautiful(isbon) Life".
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    Funny that if you take COADF out of the equation, it's been one big damage cycle since American Life lol. I wonder how Rebel Heart era would have been had the leaks not happened. The potential was there to fix the mess left behind by HC and MDNA, but it seems that as soon as the songs appeared online, the project lost its compass. Even the final re-inventions that some tracks ended up getting felt forced and didn't make sense if compared to the quality that the demos had (e.g, the title track, Wash All Over Me, Graffiti Heart). But, answering the question, I think that Rebel Heart was a mix of true artistic vision (lyrically, it was a departure from Spanish Lesson, Incredible, GMAYL, Girl Gone Wild, Superstar (The Bitch's songs are more statements than silly songs)) and damage control (having the hot producers of the moment working on it; Diplo and Avicii). And the new album seems to follow the same path, even if the producers this time aren't A-list(ish) worldwide (in terms of popularity, not quality). But, for her career's sake, there most be something in the music, lyrics and image that separates this new album from RH, MDNA and HC. Of course that Interscope/Livenation will do nothing again to promote it, but the question here is not exactly its comercial sucess; but its identity. Erotica was unequal to Like A Prayer. Evita was poles apart from Dita. Ray Of Light, Music, American Life and Confessions all were different from each other. And that's what Madonna means for the grand public. But, just like her first three albums, the last three ones all feel like just one (I'm including RH as the final chapter of the hot mess cuz its disorganization was on a par with the other two). In my opinion, this new one should/must be an unique era on its own. Not exactly bigger than the ones before (if it happens, great), but better. Everything associated with them should be left behind (Candy Shop, Minaj, grills, etc.). Madonna can do whatever she wants (as she will, of course), but, for real, that chain must be broken; it's past its time and it didn't do her any good. Her brand needs desperately something new. And now.
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    Wikipedia says Stuart and so does Mad-Eyes. Who knows.
  10. Wow, that's a lot of Madonna. Fantastic.
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    History was written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price. My Top10 is: 01. Don't Tell Me 02. Hollywood 03. Nobody Knows Me 04. Mother & Father 05. American Life 06. I Deserve It 07. Music 08. Intervention 09. The Game 10. Die Another Day
  12. What are your favorite music videos from the 2000s?
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    Yes, but let's remind ourselves that this is about Madonna, an artist/brand that the public sees not only as the Queen of Pop but also as the Queen of Music Videos. So to have her own MTV Youtube channel in such a bad state is just unprofessional and wrong.
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    As a damage control album, I prefer Bedtime Stories over Confessions On A Dancefloor. The 1994' one just embraced the soundof that time (what was selling) so its musical identity feels natural and the lyrics' sadness are a reaction to the backlash, while the latter sounds artificial by recycling American Life message and being a back-to-roots album from a singer who claims to always look forward. Just my opinion.
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    Give Me All Your Luvin' is a joyful and inoffensive song that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so the negative reaction that it got is easy to understand. Being it Madonna's first single from a new studio album after a 4 years hiatus and since it would be part of the most watched American television broadcast setlist, the public and fans were expecting a great song. And when it was nothing but a b-side at best, the sky fell down. It's one of my favorite M songs when it comes down to search and find out remixes and covers of her music and I've learned over the years to appreciate it more (the demo was, and is, always fantastic and the MDNA tour performance is a highlight everytime I watch it).
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    Not only didn't she wear her wedding ring, but she also didn't sing Ring My Bell on that stage. Hmmm... Jk lol. She probably forgot it at home (or maybe she did never wear it on performances, idk).
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    Oops, I didn't know I couldn't speak my mind... First of all, what's up with the defensive attitude? I'm allowed to have an opinion as far as you are. Mine is not better than yours, and neither is yours better than mine. Just differents, if anything. Second, I don't know if you noticed, but my first phrase about Aguilera's new song was a compliment, so stop acting as if I didn't say anything about her music : Third, if she's using eyeliner, good for her, cuz I couldn't care less and I only saw her video once because, guess what, I didn't like its visuals. Forth, you're the one who seemed to care, making a buzz out of my simple opinion. Fifth, I mentioned her lips. Just lips. I said nothing about her beauty and neither did I mention anything about her body. Sixth, I have eyes, I have a brain and I have the right to express myself about what I see, not only about what I hear; if I find her lip fillers distractive, I can say it. Besides it, the music business is as much a visual one and an audio one, like it or not. Just take a look at where we are having this interaction: at a forum dedicated to the greatest visual musical artist of all time, and yet you want people to act as if they're blind or living in North Korea? Nope, not with me Kesiak.
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    What happens if you connect the external drive to the computer? Does it gets recognized but can't read the files? If that's the case, there is software that can recover it.
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    Run To You is everything; I love that song! But, in my opinion, if Madonna could cover a Bryan Adams song, it should be When You're Gone. And the day the tour hit Canada, Bryan would be invited on stage to sing Mel C' part while Madonna sing his lines ahahah!
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    Yep, but she's naturally blonde and always had present herself like that; platinum is just a shade. So to see her with no eyeliner, red lips and tropical tan, but yet blonde, is Aguilera with just no make up. The problem are the lip fillers. In few weeks, one can get blond hair with the help of sun and salt water, but in no time one can ever get lips to change shape naturally, and that's why they don't work in the all natural vision/attitude/concept that she's trying to sell. I mean, lips can change shape outside a cosmetic office, but such change involves, e g., bee sting sweeling or getting a disease, and that's not definitely the origin of her new lips ahahah.
  21. Had "The Kiss" originally happened in 2018 and not in 2003, who do you think that would be the choices for brides?
  22. Calm down, it's just an innocent question, no one's erasing the trio's place in Pop music history lol. Besides it, that pass-the-pop-baton thing wasn't even serious as Madonna still around and working; "The Kiss" was just one more performance in Madonnaland in the end of the day. And that's where the thread's premisse comes from: who would fit Pink and JLo Britney and Aguilera spots had it happened nowadays.
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    Lol I kinda like the song; it's a grower. I just don't see the coherence in her going all herself and natural, wihout make up and freckles free, but then having those lip fillers. It makes no logic in the vision/attitude/concept that she's trying to present; in fact, it gives a little hypocritical look to it all.
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    This. And also, the P is drawn in the left side of her chest = heart = love. Which can be interpreted as: They did divorce, she's no longer Mrs. Penn, but she still love him.
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    Those were the days. I can't wait for time travel machines and amnesia pills to be invented. 1982, here I go..