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  1. Unique. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Wonderful. Out of this world. This album is definitely one of her best albums. ROL is absolutely incredible. Deserved all the credit and love it gets. 1. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 2. Swim 3. Ray of Light 4. Candy Perfume Girl 5. Skin 6. Nothing Really Matters 7. Sky fits Heaven 8. Shanti/Ashtangi 9. Frozen 10. The Power or Good-Bye 11. To Have and Not to Hold 12. Little Star 13. Mer Girl
  2. anel_

    Don’t stop and I’d rather be your lover are jams! Give them a chance you won’t regret it
  3. Very surprised the Erotica rank topic didn’t get as many replies. Too bad it’s not an 80s album full of hits I assume lol. Anyways, BS is a wonderful album that definitely deserved much more recognition than it received at the time of released. Criminally underrated and overlooked. Please place your ranking of each track from your least favourite to most favourite. 1. Survival 2. Secret 3. I’d Rather Be your Lover 4. Don’t Stop 5. Inside of Me 6. Human Nature 7. Forbidden Love 8. Love Tried to Welcome me 9. Sanctuary 10. Bedtime Story 11. Take a Bow
  4. anel_

    I’d love to do this but i’d be betraying the albums. I have my top 3 favourite albums but that’s about it. Also, hard candy is amazing and it needs to get the recognition it deserves
  5. anel_

    Did you do it is actually a good song
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  7. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN FOR ALL OF YOU I ASSUME! ONE OF HER BEST AND ARGUABLY HER BEST! This albums hold her best non single song - secret garden 1. Erotica 2. Fever 3. Bye Bye Baby 4. Deeper and Deeper 5. Where Life Begins 6. Bad Girl 7. Waiting 8. Thief of Hearts 9. Words 10. Rain 11. Why’s it so Hard 12. In this Life 13. Did you Do it? 14. Secret Garden
  8. anel_

    So are you saying your not a fan of LAP?...
  9. Honestly, one of Madonna’s best albums. This album is fantastic! Madonna’s work of art. No other words needed. Rank the tracks from least to most favourite. Also, can we just admit that this albums holds Madonna’s best ballads!!!? Oh father is amazing! This is gonna be fun x 1. Like a Prayer 2. Express Yourself 3. Love Song 4. Til Death Do us Part 5. Promise to Try 6. Cherish 7. Dear Jessie 8. Oh Father 9. Keep it Together 10. Pray for Spanish Eyes 11. Act of Contrition
  10. anel_

    Love Makes the World Go Round (least favourite) White Heat True Blue Jimmy Jimmy Papa Don’t Preach Where’s the Party La Isla Bonita Open your Heart Live to Tell
  11. anel_

    Like a Virgin (least favourite) Love Don’t Live Here Anymore Over & Over Stay Material Girl Dress you Up Pretender Shoo-Bee-Doo Angel Don’t take my rankings seriously as they always change and I love all of Madonna’s songs equally in some way
  12. Probably one of madonna’s least cohesive sounding albums. This was a huge hit of an album and all the singles were massive in their own way and are a staple in madonna’s catalogue. Rank your least favourite to most favourite tracks of this album. I’m hoping to see jimmy jimmy fairly high on people’s lists. This one is going to be interesting I feel 1. Papa Don’t Preach 2. Open your Heart 3. White Heat 4. Live to Tell 5. Where’s the Party 6. True Blue 7. La Isla Bonita 8. Jimmy Jimmy 9. Love Makes the World Go Round
  13. anel_

    Love the love for pretender and stay <3
  14. anel_

    Yes!!!! And YESSSS!!!
  15. anel_

    Nothing fails, I deserve it (especially because Mirwais didn’t touch her voice), love profusion, forbidden love (chorus), physical attraction and all of BS