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  1. LX54

    I owe many of my best childhood memories to this man.. His X-men have been entertaining me big time for so long, even in my adult years!.. RIP Mr.
  2. Totally agree! Just for the sake of the nice pic sleeves!!
  3. Wow, you're so gifted!! Luv this video!!!
  4. My pleasure! Nothing beats a japanese release!! ;)
  5. Here you are!! From the very first seconds, you'll hear the difference https://www.dropbox.com/s/zplom73iiffp6qo/Ain't No Big Deal.wav?dl=0
  6. Oh but You're more than welcome, mate! ;)
  7. Oh yeah, of course, here it is... I've changed the title cause that's how it first appeared on the "Borderline" US promo 12" so... Feel free to name it as you wish... ;) [Hidden Content]
  8. And what about the awful sound!! Only buy them for the great pic sleeves! Apart from a very few exceptions, the sound was appalling!! The digital transfer of the Dub version is on the 2004 WB Instrumental-TV Versions US WBR Promo CDR that was available in wav here!! It's titled TV version but is actually the dub remix (on europe june pressings) /instrumental (on US pressings)