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  1. LX54

    AFAIK, I bought the sealed solid from europe retailers and had to buy from the US to put my hands on a sealed swirled one!! Just my experience, I'm not "stating" anything officially!!
  2. I once found a sealed Rescue Me Double Pack Promo 12'' online but it was a reseal, the big blue M sticker underneath had some light rubbing, which cannot happen if sealed in the first place. Never heard of sealed promo 12''. But in the wonderful world of Madonna collectors items, anything is possible!!
  3. LX54

    She still sells arenas in the US so... and we know she hates going over the atlantic to tour.. So sad for us really! This show reads like it's gonna be fantastic!!
  4. LX54

    OMG does she hates europe or sumthin!!????
  5. Nay, it's a mono mp3 rip, loaded with clicks n pops
  6. LX54

    This Missy she can never disappoint... The album was good!
  7. Mine plays fine... As @Angelman60says, most likely a problem of tracking force and arm weight... Here is my own rip [Hidden Content] Hope you'll like it my friend!!
  8. LX54

    IIRC, I guess the "intro" is the 3 "ticks" before the music begins... Some pressings (spain) feature the same remix without the 3 "ticks"... It's the only difference... Hope this helps...
  9. LX54

    To sum it all up it's the demos she was working on for Ray Of Light before William Orbit came in the picture, needless to say they are rather ''wanted'', only few people have them but keep them to themselves.. But X-mas creeps closer so who knows...
  10. LX54

    https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Demo-Assembly-As-Of-6497/release/7459021 Good luck
  11. LX54

    I owe many of my best childhood memories to this man.. His X-men have been entertaining me big time for so long, even in my adult years!.. RIP Mr.