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    Producer Reggie Lucas passed away today at age 65. His daughter Lisa Lucas announced it on Twitter earlier today. He produced Borderline, Lucky Star, I know it, Burning Up, Physical attraction and Think of me.
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  3. 1. Erotica 2. American Life 3. Madonna 4. Bedtime Stories 5. Like A Prayer
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    This can vary, but today's picks : Madonna: Borderline Like a Virgin: Dress You Up True Blue: Live To Tell Who's That Girl OST: Causing A Commotion Like a Prayer: Like A Prayer I'm Breathless: More Erotica: Waiting Bedtime Stories: Love Tried To Welcome Me Something to Remember: I Want You Evita: Lament Ray Of Light: Skin Music: Impressive Instant American Life: X-Static Process Confessions On A Dance Floor: Jump Hard Candy: Heartbeat MDNA: I Fucked Up Rebel Heart: HeartBreakCity