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  1. I'm so thirsty for new music that this will basically be me once something's finally released:
  2. It’s basically a GIF of me stuffing my face after sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night.
  3. GetNasty

    Listening to I Believe In You in vinyl form must be heavenly in the gayest way possible.
  4. I need new Madonna music asap so I can blast it in front of my parents and be as extra as possible.
  5. Imagine if Madonna surprise released the lead single from M14 + the video this Friday. Infinity would be like:
  6. Imagine if Trolldonna came through in the upcoming era. We'd probably be getting a duet with Nicki Minaj called FedEx, I'm Really Madonna or with luck a bonus track called Fuck Aldo Diaz.
  7. I'd love for her to include a cover in an album again. Can't Help Falling In Love with David as a feature would be interesting.
  8. Madonna hasn’t released any new music yet and my wig is already floating in Mars.
  9. I thought it was a synonym for really excited lol. As fluent as I am in English I will occasionally confuse certain terms.
  10. Madonna just uploaded on her Instagram account footage of herself in a studio with Dino D’Santiago. As a Portuguese fan, I’m beyond livid that one my idols is honoring my culture in M14.
  11. THIS!!! I also prefer the final versions of Illuminati, Inside Out and Living For Love over the demos.
  12. Exciting times are ahead. No one can pull off the element of surprise like Madonna.